Earthquake hits Battle Creek, second one in MI this year - I guess there was another earthquake in Michigan that I did not feel. #

Evernote on Twitter: "In June 2008, our beta went public. Yesterday we turned 7! Thanks to all who've joined us since :blush: #happyevernoteday". I must have been part of the private beta, my oldest note in Evernote is dated March, 2008. #


Cool new APIs out for Google Calendar, Google Maps - Android Community.#

When it comes to personal data and privacy, I think there are really two important questions that need to be answered. One is, how do I control access to my data so that I know who has access to it? MIT's openPDS/SafeAnswers, privacy-preserving Personal Data Store is one possible answer. The second important question that I don't think anyone raises is, how do I derive value from my personal data? For example, if my smartphone tracks where I am always located, I should be able to use that information as evidence if, say a government agency claimed I was at a location on a given date and time when I know I was not. If corporations and governments are collecting data to be used against me, how I can collect that same data to use it to defend myself?#

Twister is a secure P2P microblogging platform, built on the Bitcoin and BitTorrent protocols. #

The inexplicable story of Steve Gosskie and featherbowling.#

I am thinking that I would like a app for my Moto 360 that shuffled my watch faces. #

I wonder what limit there is on how many watch faces you can have for an Android Wear watch?#

Android Wear gains a slew of new watch faces. The watch faces are free and I have installed several of them, hopefully they don't drain the battery on my Moto 360 too badly.#

Use A Keyboard With Your Tablet To Increase Productivity.#

Phillips Hue Lights.#

Moto 360 gets Wi-Fi, improved notifications, and more - SlashGear.#

Note on upgrading my Moto 360 to Android Wear 5.1.1. I upgraded this morning, and so far so good. I hope battery life doesn't take a hit. I am liking the larger font that makes it easier to read what's on the screen. #

MLB replay system needs to add a level of accountability As to the question of why, the answer is obvious, its because MLB umpiring is awful and each overturned call makes this point clear.#

LastPass hack reinforces importance of using multi-factor authentication.#

Richard Rohr: "We find it hard to love imperfect things so we imagine God is just as small as we are."#

I tweeted the above quote and then this happened. #

Construction Cam - 14 Mile / Orchard Lake Roundabout Doesn't look much much progress has been made this week.#

Some good articles on privacy and data collection here and here. I understand Apples desire to differentiate itself from Google by waving the privacy banner. At the same time I am skeptical of their actual practices. At WWDC they made the claim that the processing that Siri does stays on the phone, and I am skeptical of that. The only way to know for sure is to monitor network traffic while using Siri.#

Motorola starts 5.1 soak test for the 2013 Moto X in the US.#

Google Slides updated, view notes and lists of Chromecasts - Android Community.#

Android needs to provide a quick way to clear notifications that queue up while a device is turned off. I don't keep my Nexus 7 powered up all the time so whenever I do turn it on, it gets overwhelmed with Facebook and Twitter notifications. I could go in to each app and turn off notifications, but seems to be a hassle. #

Two Wishes of Amazon Echo. I love my Echo, but I want it to do so much more than it does right now.#

How HP helped print a million different covers for Diet Coke. I have to admit, this article made me take a spit take. [Disclosure]#

New York Times: "It’s a tech accessory pretending to be a fashion accessory. I just couldn’t fall for it." And the Apple Watch is an accessory, not a computer. #

Google's voice search helps you ask about nearby places.#

I am trying the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter with my Surface 3 and HP monitor and finding the experience to not be as smooth as desired.#

Just realized that the Pascual watch face on the Moto 360 shows appointment times. Cool.#

Several hours later, my Evernote reminders finally appear in Todoist. Looks like Powerapp needs a speed boost. Maybe it's an initial set up thing?#

I love the ease at which Google Photos gathers and categorizes my photos, but I wish it provided an easy way for me to use those photos on my blogs and web sites.#

I've been working in IT for more than 20 years, and I swear that we have been talking about changing the culture of IT for all 20 of those years. Perhaps the trick is figuring out how to live within the current culture rather than constantly trying to change something that appears to not be destined for change.#

Testing Google Photos for Blogging.#

I've seen the first Google Now app integration, with the appearance of Wunderlist on my Google Now page. It's cool that Google is opening this up to more developers, but I think they need to give users control over where items appear on the page. I want something important like the tasks I need to complete today to appear at the top of the page. #

A vertical line of what I think are dead pixels has appeared on the Surface 3. Research suggests that this is a problem that occurs occasionally on LCD panels. Because I bought it at, I will call them first then Microsoft. #

I think it's ironic that traditional media web sites are so web hostile, with their massive pop-over ads or automatic audio playback, while they complain about how the web is killing their business. Buy a clue. Please.#

Construction Cam - 14 Mile / Orchard Lake Roundabout Looks like all of the concrete has been poured.#

Google expands metro Detroit presence, rents Farmington Hills building. More or less just down the street from where I live.#

Some sites have reported that one of the "hidden" features of Android M is split screen. I've got to say, Windows 8 has split screen nailed.#

Bluetooth is still unreliable, it's amazing after more than ten years it is still such a hot mess.#

Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing - Vox.#

Five Android net scanning tools for mobile troubleshooting - TechRepublic.#

Lindsey Graham: If You’re Worn Out By War, ‘Don’t Vote for Me’ Will do, oh by the way, taking the nation in to war is a failure of a presidency, not a badge of honor. War is something to be avoided, not run towards. #

Hands on with the Android M Developer Preview.#

Much of Microsoft's marketing of their Surface tablets focuses on the built-in hinge that makes it a laptop replacement. Clearly, the hinge is needed in order for it to even be considered a laptop replacement, but I am finding it valuable when using Surface as a tablet. Kick back in recliner, set up the Surface sans keyboard on my lap, and quickly scroll through Twitter and my RSS feeds by simply sliding my finger up and down on the screen. I find this more comfortable than doing the same with my iPad. #

I browsed the Windows Store this morning, looking for todo list apps that use Exchange as a backend and only found one. I am surprised that Microsoft didn't create a Windows 8 app for the Tasks section of Outlook/Exchange. Tasks/todo seems to be the orphaned child at Microsoft, which means their acquisition of Wunderlist makes a ton of sense.#

Microsoft confirms acquisition of productivity app Wunderlist I wonder whether Microsoft will make Wunderlist work with Exchange?#

3 ways Google's Android Pay is better than Apple Pay. A key vendor to watch for is Starbucks, which today doesn't support Apple Pay nor Android Pay but rather promotes its own app and loyalty card. Android Pay's loyalty card integration may be a key factor in getting Starbucks on board. #

Stolen Surface Tablet - what to do? - Love My Surface. I am really surprised that Microsoft hasn't added any remote wipe or remote lock capability to, as that would seem to be valuable for consumers. Corporate Windows 8 users do have some level of remote wipe capability via Exchange, but it is not a full device wipe.#

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