Here is a link to my public feed on Nuzzel. The feed is created from Tweets and Facbook updates that contain links, so basically it is a list of the items shared by the people who I follow on Twitter and Facebook. In this instance it is a curation of the people I am following and not of the content they share.#

I am curating a new blog: tech2watch.#

You Are Most Likely Misusing Docker. The article suggests docker containers are large, and while that may be true for many containers, it is possible to make them smaller. At any rate, they are smaller than virtual servers. The problem is that many people use the Ubuntu image as the base in their Dockerfile that is larger, but you can use a more slimmed down base image like Busybox.#

I am thinking that I could really use a dashboard towards which I could funnel items related to specific technologies that I want to watch. The following are topics I am considering, right now I think I will use categories and tags on my Wordpress blog to track. #



Chatbots (or bots in general)#


I've created an outline view of the categories and tags I will be using to track the above articles, and created a FrankNet menu option called tech2watch.#

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi: “'We agreed that life is not about avoiding suffering.' It’s about creating meaning."#

David Frum: "The Republican Party in 2016 presents a contrasting spectacle: a party so powerfully committed to ideas that it can no longer recognize that those ideas have ceased to resonate beyond its own shrinking coteries of activists and intellectuals."#

Tim Cook admits prices are real: Apple iOS v Android market share - Business Insider. It would seem obvious to me that the issue with the iPhone is that those who own older iPhones see theirs as good enough, or do not like the larger screen iPhones, plus current Android users who have not switched not seeing enough in iOS to want them to switch. What I think is most interesting is how iOS has not visibly changed much since the beginning and how that feels similar to Palm. When people perceive what you are selling is the same old thing, they are going to start looking elsewhere. I would love to see numbers of people switching from iOS to Android.#

I think the ultimate blogging tool would integrate finding stuff to read, reading it, then writing about it. A combination of River4, Pocket, and Fargo would work. In a way, I am doing that via separate tabs in Chrome, but an app that integrated these things would be more elegant.#

A Proposal to save $ Billions I did not know that the impact of linkrot could be quantified.#

Wildcard has become one of my favorite news apps, though I wish that it supported Amp like Nuzzel does. #

I've updated the archives menu to turn over the year. Apparently you cannot comment out items in cmsPrefs. Let's see if I can create a top level node and comment it out. That worked, now I am going to try an idea for a different format for the archive index.#

Blogging Again#

Notes From The Cave has been the title for a blog I've written since I discovered blogging in late 1999. In 2008 I moved it to WordPress, and I was writing blog posts there up until I started using Fargo for my blogging. Over the last year I have been updating it by pulling in updates I make to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pocket via If This Then That, and the result is a consolidation of all that I share on the Internet. I am now sending new items from this blog over there too, but as you will see, I am handling posts without titles with a default title of "From my blog:" but if there is a title, such as with this post, then it will follow the semi-colon, like you see here. #

The stream format I use for this site does not provide titles unless I create them in the manner such as I have done for this post. #

By the way, Dave has been working on another iteration of his blogging platform that appears to do an even better job of merging blog posts with and without titles in a stream. You can see the results in his blog, while you can see what appears to be the server side over here. #

I really like the tabbed/panel approach Dave has on I would love to be able to do it here.#

Personal computing is not about a device, its about a mashup#

Business Insider says robots are the next best thing, and defines robots as "characterized by dozens of devices working on your behalf, invisibly, all the time, to make your life more convenient." In a blog post I wrote five years ago, I proposed that personal computing ought to be define as such: personal computing = hardware + software (apps) + Internet + intelligence. It's taken a while, but it looks like the intelligence part of the equation is getting closer to reality.#

How do Tobii Eye Trackers work?#

Desktop Neo – rethinking the desktop interface for productivity. I really like what I see here, because I am one of those people who always run apps with Windows maximized, which is probably why I like using tablets. The incorporation of touchscreen or touchpad gestures for navigation and eye tracking is also innovative, if it works.#

Migrating To A New Server.#

Hello world, we are running via a new server! #

The Guardian: Tennis appears to be in denial but match-fixing claims are not new. #

While the allegations in the Buzzfeed article referenced to in the above are specifically about tennis players throwing sets and matches, I think there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in how professional sports "partners" with gambling. For example, I was somewhat shocked by the fantasy sports advertising on the boards at Joe Lewis Arena. How do you make integrity claims with one hand while the other hand is taking advertising money from companies that make money from gambling on your sport?#

During the discussion about the match-fixing allegations on ESPN, Brad Gilbert pointed out how the streaming of ATP satellite matches is funded by gambling companies. It just seems to me that if any sport is taking money from any gambling company, no matter how legit, the very act creates corruption. If the sport is policing itself, how hard will they investigate match fixing claims that might involve the companies paying them advertising?#

By the way, all professional sports have this problem, note my reference to Joe Lewis Arena above. Over the years I have heard references to relationships between Las Vegas and the NFL. To me it is hypocritical for all professional sports to ban an athlete, such as Pete Rose, while at the same time relying on the companies for who gambling is their business as a source of revenue. #

Bottom line, you can't have your cake and eat it to. If you are going to police athletes and officials so they aren't corrupted, the corporations running these events have got to be willing to not take money offered to them by the companies associated with gambling. #

Corruption doesn't occur when you do something wrong, it occurs at the moment when the persons you are asking to trust you perceives a reason they should no longer trust you, no matter whether or not you are doing something wrong. This fact is the very reason why most Americans no longer trust our government, we perceive it is corrupt, and at that moment it becomes corrupt.#

I am doing some testing to see whether I can dockerize Fargo Publisher. #

A question Lions fans should ask themselves is, if they didn't retain Caldwell, who would you hire to replace him that you are confident is better? Another upside is that by keeping the coaching the same, you have a baseline to determine whether the issue has been front office and personnel, which has been replaced or coaching. Changing both at the same time makes troubleshooting the problem more difficult. #

Ok, I've started with node and saw that worked. Once more, then I'll switch back to Forever.#

Ok, running Forever. Now, working?#

Yes, it is working again. Thank you. #

It is interesting that Wildcard has integration with Twitter, I wonder it could be an alternative to Nuzzel? #

The award winning Wildcard news curating app is now available on Google Play. I've been dabbling with various news apps like Yahoo and Washington Post, so I'll check this one out too. I miss Circa's news notifications approach. #

Pew survey shows 68 percent of US adults now own a smartphone.#

Compare this to how telephone land lines were implemented.#

Do You Read Differently Online and in Print? Not surprised that the answer to the subject question is yes. I think online reading makes one less willing to read really long form articles. Ironically, this article is an example of one that I think is too long. #

I try to use Pocket to read the majority of the web articles that I read because it works cross platform and provides a nice, clean reading experience. I find most of the articles that I want to read from my River4 RSS subscriptions. What I would like is a button underneath each news article that sends that article to Pocket. #

River4 does place a share button underneath each article, and one option may be to replace the code that executes when I click the share button with the code that adds an article to Pocket. To do this I need Javascript that sends a URL to Pocket, then I need to figure out how to add that code to River4.#

It occurs to me that I can make IFTTT do this for me by monitoring the RSS feed for my Radio3 linkblog. The recipe monitors my Radio3 linkblog RSS feed and when it sees new items, adds that to Pocket. What I need to think about is whether I want to share every item I want going to Pocket in Twitter.#

I can configure Radio3 settings to not share items to Twitter, but then each time that I do want to share to Twitter I'll have to go back in to Settings. What I wish Radio3 had is a way to designate for each item where I want to share it by putting an icon for each service I've configured (Twitter, Facebook, Slack or Wordpress) underneath the item, then let me click to turn it off.#

For the moment, I think I will just share each article to Twitter.#

A problem with this approach is that it does open a new browser tab, and requires another button click to save the item. Ideally, I would just click a button and the article is added to Pocket with no additional browser tab. #

I seem to be having issues with connectivity between my Moto 360 and Nexus 6P.#

It's hard to tell whether the new USB-C chargers support fast charging.#

I wouldn't mind getting an external battery pack that did USB C quick charging, does Choetech have one?.#

According to Engadget, Amazon is reportedly building a smaller, cheaper Echo. The important questions are, how much smaller and how much cheaper, and does it share anything with the original Echo? I can imagine a portable that I could carry through my house and use it to interact with Alexa such as turning on lights. Frankly, Amazon could provide this functionality via the Alexa app rather than creating a separate device.#

Everyone is anxiously waiting to see whether the Lions will keep Caldwell. #

Pew survey shows 68 percent of US adults now own a smartphone.#

I need to archive my 2015 posts.#

Hello 2016! I hope you are better to me than 2015. #

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