Android adopting regular maintenance schedule, first Nougat release w/ dev preview this fall. Might Google stop providing "full" version upgrades in favor of regular quarterly updates along the lines of other operating systems?#

Ars Technica Android 7.0 Nougat Once again Ars Technica has the best review of Android.#

Hear The Most Popular 7 Seconds of Drumming Ever Recorded.#

Google released Android 7.0 Nougat today. I've been running the beta on my Nexus 9 and the only issue I have had is with Instagram. Some videos tend re-appear in other random pictures as I scroll down through my feed.#

4 JavaScript Design Patterns You Should Know.#

Engadget reports on new battery technology that may double smartphone battery life in 2017. Finally, an improvement in battery technology. If this works, it could have huge ramifications for more than just smartphones.#

Two new Windows Phones are available to be purchased, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo and the HP Elite X3. Both support Continuum, but I wonder whether the main reason companies will buy them is simply because they are Windows Phones. I doubt that many consumers will buy either of these phones. #

The iOS UI for moving icons around the home screens and adding them to groups is the WORST UI ever! I am sorry Apple fan boys, but it absolutely sucks. #

I bought a Huawei Watch during Amazon Prime Day, and today is the first day that I am wearing it. #

How to Steal an Election - The New Yorker. "The system, as it stands, rewards political extremism, exacerbates the influence of money in elections, amplifies the distorting effects of polls, and contributes to political polarization. Debatable, but often asserted, is that it also produces poor candidates and ineffective Presidents."#

Why We Need to Pick Up Alvin Toffler’s Torch - The New York Times. Not much thought is put in to the affects all this new technology is having on society. A particular concern is with jobs. #

Alternatives To The Surface 3.#

No Free Notes for Ever: I've been paying to use Evernote for several years, therefore I don't think the uproar over Evernote's pricing model is warranted.#

Samsung's new 512GB SSD is smaller than a postage stamp.#

ASUS intros Zenbo home robot Do you think Alexa will be jealous?#

Isn't a 10-core desktop CPU basically a super computer?#

Note to the NHL, time to buy a clue. If the NBA can leverage technology, so can you! #

Computerworld Hands on: What's new and noteworthy with Android N. I briefly had Android N running on my Nexus 9 and removed it due to app compatibility issues. Reverting wasn't a big issue because I did not see a very compelling feature in Android N. I'm not too excited by this release. #

Introducing Android Instant Apps.#

RCOC to begin Maple Road resurfacing in July. Many roads in West Bloomfield need rehabilitation, so it's good that they are finally starting work on Maple road.#

Today Google hosted their annual developer's conference, Google I/O#

Android Instant Apps could be a game changer for mobile apps.#

I've signed up for the Android N Beta.#

Android Developers has information about Android N, including how to get the beta#

Disunity is not Diversity, Schism is Sin(?)#

Dear Detroit Free Press, why do you think users want to see a newspaper layout of your content on their smartphone?#

New app brings Amazon's Alexa to the iPhone. I don't know why Amazon hasn't made the Alexa app for Android and iOS a remote control/input for Echo or the Alexa service.#

Google Spaces looks like a personal version of Google Plus.#

See mother duck lead 11 ducklings out of elementary school.#

Krugman: "I know some people think that I’m obsessing over trivial policy details, but they’re missing the point. It’s about an attitude, the sense that righteousness excuses you from the need for hard thinking and that any questioning of the righteous is treason to the cause."#

EC2 Update – T2.Nano Instances Now Available. The prices for cloud servers keeps getting lower and lower.#

Google Trends provides a way to follow what is currently happening.#

I am checking out Piggydb, which is a tool for building personal knowledgebases. Rather than installing their standalone package that uses Java, I went to Docker Hub and found a container that hosts the server based version that I've been running in Docker Toolbox for Windows. What I find interesting about Piggydb is how you can relate notes to each other. My guess is that there is relational database running in the background keeping track of all the relationships. Right now I am only running Piggydb on my laptop, I would need to move it to a server if I were to commit to it.#

I forgot about Happy Friends#

WordPress has a new desktop app that I have installed on my Surface 3. It works ok, but there is an occasional lag that interrupts typing, making the app pretty unusable for me. The lag appears to be caused when the post is being autosaved, which seems to be happening ever minute. #

I think the desktop app for Wordpress as created using Electron. #

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