EC2 Update – T2.Nano Instances Now Available. The prices for cloud servers keeps getting lower and lower.#

Google Trends provides a way to follow what is currently happening.#

I am checking out Piggydb, which is a tool for building personal knowledgebases. Rather than installing their standalone package that uses Java, I went to Docker Hub and found a container that hosts the server based version that I've been running in Docker Toolbox for Windows. What I find interesting about Piggydb is how you can relate notes to each other. My guess is that there is relational database running in the background keeping track of all the relationships. Right now I am only running Piggydb on my laptop, I would need to move it to a server if I were to commit to it.#

I forgot about Happy Friends#

WordPress has a new desktop app that I have installed on my Surface 3. It works ok, but there is an occasional lag that interrupts typing, making the app pretty unusable for me. The lag appears to be caused when the post is being autosaved, which seems to be happening ever minute. #

I think the desktop app for Wordpress as created using Electron. #

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