I intend to write a more complete blog post about my experience with the Nexus 6P to date. In a nutshell, I am really happy with the battery life. The combination of the larger battery, Doze, and USB-C fast charging is a hit, I might no longer need to worry about battery life. #

With the Moto X I needed to be certain to start the day with a full charge by re-charging the phone overnight, and around dinner time the battery would be around 30% and therefore requiring some re-charge during the day. During the weekday I topped off the Moto X during my commute to and from the office, but that rarely got the phone to 100%.#

First off, Doze does a much better time extending battery life than I expected, and this confirms how differently I use my Nexus 9 tablet and my smartphone. I tend to use my tablet for long stretches of time, reading books, social networks, and articles, and therefore Doze does not have as dramatic affect because the tablet is hardly sitting idle. The phone, on the other hand, is used in short spurts, with significant down time between, and in those instances Doze does a fantastic job of quieting background stuff to conserve battery life and I have not noticed any lag in receiving notifications. #

Next, fasts charging is wonderful and it along with Doze is changing how I think about recharging the phone. With the Moto X, I was sure to get it fully charged to start my day, now I about topping off the Nexus 6P whenever I have a chance. During the weekdays, I take care of this during the office commute, other days I plug it in during meals. The point is, I am starting to not worry that all of sudden my phone will be dead because of the battery. #

The biggest piece of supporting evidence for the Nexus 6P battery life is this. When I bought the 6P, I also bought a new quick charging USB-C automobile adapter and an additional USB-C charger for the office. While I am using the automobile adapter during commutes, I have yet to take the additional USB-C charger out of the box. #

Official Android Blog: Cellular support comes to Android Wear. I wonder what this does to battery life? I can see the value in maintaining a data connection from a watch, but I am not so sure I want to use a watch for voice calls.#

Setting Up My Nexus 6P. Migrating from one Android phone to another could be better. It still requires a fair amount of work.#

Detroit Lions fire GM Martin Mayhew, president Tom Lewand. Lion fans get what they are screaming for, but the question is, what now? Who is going to hire the new front office, and what gives you confidence that the right people will be hired? #

I am trying Firefox on my Android tablet for the first time and finding a lot to like.#

Avast blog » Avast 2016 protects your private information.#

React For Beginners — Learn with Video Tutorials.#

Google Chrome Blog: Chrome OS is here to stay. Google says Chrome OS is here to stay. I was skeptical about the news of its demise when it broke last week, mainly for the reasons cited in the article, Chrome OS is growing in acceptance in some important markets. Frankly, I think Android has more similarities to Windows than we would like to admit, so Google has to tread lightly. What we need are stable operating systems for all of our personal computing devices.#

FBI says 2nd group of gas pump skimmers caught. The skimmers were installed at gas stations in West Michigan, and the article got me wondering how I could tell whether a skimmer has been installed. I pay at the pump all the time, in fact I get irritated if I can't pay at the pump. Security expert Brian Krebs has a series of articles. PC Magazine has an article, and Kim Komando has this one. #

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