Top 10 Reasons to Buy Augmented SmartWatch Pro for Android Wear.#

Winter Is Coming For Wearables. I've been wearing a fitness tracker, and now a Moto 360, for over two years, so apparently I am not the norm. I think one part of the problem is the usefulness of the data that is collected. Most trackers enable you to collect data, but there are no analysis tools to help you make decisions based on the data. #

I've successfully installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a virtual machine and I am writing this update using it. A few things are running in the background at the moment, so performance is a little lagy but it seems to be acceptable. #

I am installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview in virtual machine after it took me a few tries to get a complete download.#

Google wireless carrier: Report says T-Mobile and Sprint on board. I imagine these will be pre-paid plans. It will be interesting to see how this compares to Simple Mobile (a T-Mobile MVNO) and Ting (a Sprint MVNO).#

So long, Windows RT. We barely knew you The fate of Windows RT is ambiguous at best, but I think it is most likely to be retired. Its passing does raise the question about whether Microsoft needs to make a lower cost Surface to fill the void of its passing. #

Lollipop update coming real soon now to the original Moto X. Hopefully it doesn't include the memory leak bug inflicting my Nexus 9.#

The Tablet Reconsidered: A High Bar for the Middle Space. The tablet is still my preferred device, although I do have to admit that my smartphone only has a 4.7-inch screen. My bar is defined by a sheet of paper. #

Why the Much-Hyped Post-PC Era Never Arrived. Post-PC was poorly stated from the beginning, but I think this article fails to fully acknowledge the affect of upgrades of Windows XP. I don't think anyone expected desktop and laptop computers to disappear, but clearly sales numbers have decreased. Sales have picked up because people are finally replacing their old computers. Expect new "Post-PC" reborn articles in a year or two as upgrades are complete and computer sales slow down again.#

I would like to see the Google Authenticator app updated to work with Android Wear. No reason why the codes the authenticator app displays should not be shown on a paired watch. #

I've bought several Android Wear watch faces, each of which cost $0.99 each. Today I discovered some watch faces that are a little more expensive than that, causing me to ponder, how much is too much for a watch face?#

Jide’s Remix ultra-tablet puts Android on a Microsoft Surface clone. It appears to not have a stylus, which in my opinion is one of the key features of the Surface Pro.#

Michigan I-94 pileup described by witness: 'It was unreal'.#

Michigan I-94 pileup near Kalamazoo: 193 vehicles involved, 1 dead, 23 injured.#

Really scary video footage of yesterday's 193 car accident on I-94. It is pretty obvious to me from the video that many of the vehicles, particularly the semis, were driving too fast for road conditions. People tend to not think about how fast they can slow down, and you can see the semis had absolutely no chance of slowing down. #

I've created an archive page for links to an archive of last year's blog posts. You can access the archive page by selecting the Prior Blog Posts option in the Archives menu.#

115-car pileup closes I-94 in both directions west of Battle Creek. It is definitely a bad travel day in southeast Michigan. The drive on I-94 between Chicago and Detroit is one of the most nerve wracking, mostly because of the trucking. The videos and pictures from this accident provide the evidence for why. #

The Verge has a quick take on LG's webOS smartwatch. It's noted that this watch, which runs webOS as opposed to Android Wear, has a built-in cellular radio. Do we really want to make phone calls with our watch? More importantly, what type of impact does taking phone calls have on battery life? It doesn't seem practical to me. #

So far, for me, the coolest thing about wearing the Moto 360 is being able to change watch faces.# "Regular watches as jewelry are accessories for people, smartwatches need to be accessories in the same way and to become that they need to integrate with more than just smartphones, they need to integrate with the world around me." What if there is a pairing process between smartwatch and human such that a smartwatch can determine with a high degree of certainty that the person wearing it is the person it was paired with?#

I think I've said this before, the problem with the current wearable market is caused by a conflict between what the companies of these developer's want, which is a broad category hit, and the reality that the smaller the device, the more specialized the function. Successful wearables will do a small number of things really well rather than provide wide number of computing functions. In other words, they are accessories not computers. #

Two Scenarios for the Smart Watch Market A lot of assumptions are being made in this article about a product (the Apple Watch) that nobody can yet buy.#

Exchange Did Not Think My Nexus 9 Was Encrypted.#

When I put the Moto 360 on its charger at 11 PM last night it had 18% battery life left, I took the watch off the charger at 7:30 AM. Not fantastic battery life, but good enough. Wear Battery Status says that I lost 5.48% battery life per hour during the day yesterday. Today I re-installed Watchmaker and using a relatively simple watch face and so far battery consumption is at the same rate.#

Dell Venue 8 7000 Review: A Thin Tablet with Real Depth - WSJ. Ok, I think this Dell tablet is interesting because of how thin it is, its screen, and lack of bezel. Dell Cast sounds useful too, I think Google could easily add similar functionality to Chromecast to make using an Android tablet as a PC. #

Google Fit consolidates your health data, but needs third-party apps to prosper.#

Moto 360 battery consumption during my two hour commute this morning was 8%, much better than yesterday. Besides the full reset I did yesterday, I also turned on theatre mode. It's possible that movement while driving caused the screen to be on much too frequently.#

CES 2015: Google Cast for Audio. I wonder how much these devices could cost? Could a simple "dongle" like adapter, similar to the Chromecast, be made? #

BGR: Any pen or pencil is a stylus to this Lenovo tablet. I am curious about how well the "stylus" works with this new 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. If you can write with it as one could with an active digitizer, I may be very interested to try it out.#

Microsoft is keeping the Nokia brand alive with a low cost feature phone it will sell outside the United States.#

I got a Moto 360 for Christmas, and I am still figuring it out but so far battery life has been disappointing.#

The memory leak described below is starting to seriously impact using my Nexus 9. What is most disruptive is that the leak is causing Google Search to crash and often times I am finding the only real way to resolve that is to restart the Nexus 9. Hopefully Google will release an update to Android sooner rather than later, and until the do the tech sites ought to be putting pressure on them, this is a seriously bad and should have not got passed their quality control.#

Google Fixes Lollipop Memory Leak, Android 5.0.3 Incoming? - XDA Forums.#

Issue 1701 - android-developer-preview - Memory Leak on Lollipop crashing Apps - A public project for reporting issues with Android Developer Preview releases - Google Project Hosting.#

I've taken a break from writing to enjoy the holiday, but I now only have two days left before returning to work, so normal routines are starting to boot back up.#

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