iPhone 6s, 6c, 6, 5s and 5c: Apple’s 2015 fall lineup explained. Seems to me that Apple may have too many iPhone models. Apple has always focused on simplicity, but adding more models just creates more complexity.#

Node.js - Bitnami - Cloud Launcher — Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform appears to have the potential of having the lowest River4 hosting cost.#

Amazon.com: Huawei Watch Looks like next week is when we will learn about all the new Android Wear watches. I wonder whether any will cost less than $300? Besides appearance, I think the most important thing to look for is battery life. #

Compare the new Moto 360 against its larger predecessor. I like the looks but I wonder how much they will cost? #

Chrome is getting more aggressive about silencing autoplay videos. Thank god! #

Moto 360 update with interactive watch faces is now rolling out. No joy yet. #

Boot2docker by boot2docker.#

It's Worse Than It Appears.#

The Facebook Messenger M virtual assistant doesn't strike me as being at all convenient to use. Virtual assistants are just about what they do for you, they are about how one interacts with them. #

Google’s Go programming language version 1.5 leaves C behind.#

Google Translate on Android Wear now available, covers 44 languages - Android Community.#

I've put together a simple smartphone comparison spreadsheet, right now I am considering between the Moto X 2015 Pure Edition or the rumored Nexus 5. Based on the specs, I am leaning towards the Nexus 5. I am torn between the leather back and Micro SD card support of the Moto X vs. the larger battery and wireless charging rumored support of the Nexus 5. Another plus for the Nexus 5 is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor that I suspect is there for Android Pay. At any rate, I am waiting on the Google launch before making a decision. #

Official Android Blog: Android Wear: Stay connected with interactive watch faces. I think this means there is an update to Android Wear coming. Right now the Bits watch face doesn't launch the complications as shown on the page.#

OnHub is a simple $200 WiFi router from Google and TP-Link - Liliputing How many people have CAT5 cable running to their living room?#

The specs read like the new Asus ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA would make a nice replacement for the Nexus 9, but I wish the screen were the same size as the Nexus 9.#

Release Git for Windows 2.5.0 · git-for-windows/git.#

The Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps are all sorts of messed up, the latest appears to be with Outlook.com. One problem with troubleshooting is that there is no apparent way to delete accounts external to the apps. #

Docker Toolbox provides the simplest way to get started with Docker.#

Google postpones Project Ara pilot until 2016 (modular smartphones) - Liliputing.#

One of my favorite Windows 10 store apps is MyRadar. I really like the high resolution radar display and smooth scrolling. #

Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview. Today's announcement is a good sign for official announcements on the new Nexus phones soon, perhaps at the beginning of September. #

Download Android 6.0 Marshmallow developer preview right now. If Android 6 is Marshmallow, then surely S will be S'mores. Right? #

I found an extension in Firefox that makes it so when I click a link to a page that page loads automatically in a new tab. It automates how I work with my River of News, where I scan through the news articles, open the ones I want to read in to new tabs (right-click, Open new tab) and then go back to read the articles after I have completed my scan. #

I installed Firefox on my Surface 3, and so far the only rendering problem I have seen is with Fargo. Basically, the editing box is scrunched over to the right side of the page, diminishing how much you can edit. The issue looks similar to what Dave wrote about with Scripting News a while back. #

I hope that Microsoft quickly updates Edge, because I am linking what I am seeing but can't live without extensions. I particularly like Edge's speed and rendering. #

Just got a System Update pushed down to my Nexus 9. I am guessing it is for the Stagefright vulnerability. <--- Confirmed. #

Amazon.com: Gold Box Deal of the Day: Deals in PC & Tablet Accessories: Electronics. You will find some good prices on a couple of products that I use every day, including the Microsoft Bluetooth Arc Mouse and the Logitech K480 keyboard. I recently wrote an article about my experience with the K480. #

Microsoft's Cortana assistant can now replace Google Now on Android. Still not sure why someone would want to do this, I have not seen evidence that Cortana is better. Perhaps if one uses Outlook.com as their primary email? #

Windows 10 on Surface 3: Three reasons to disable tablet mode. At this time I don't agree with not using tablet mode in Windows tablets, but then I am one of those strange people who maximizes all my desktop windows. #

LG and Huawei Nexus get another leaked specs treatment. I am torn. If the new Nexus 5 has the specs that are leaked in this article, this phone will have just about everything one could want. On the other hand, I like the specs and design of the Moto X Style, and it can come in leather! I wish Motorola would get on board with Qi wireless charging. #

Dave Dombrowski runs out of time with Tigers owner Mike Ilitch - MLB - SI.com. SI gets to the point I was making when Dombrowski was fired, he was scapgoated for the results of the last three years, but the Tigers are not really making a change. I expect Avila's reign as GM will look much like Dombrowski's. One thing Avila needs to take a hard look at is the Tiger's farm system. #

I thought surely Avila was going to be interim until the end of the season, but it's looking like it may be more permanent, which really doesn't make any sense. Dombrowski's firing is looking more symbolic than anything because it's hard to believe Avila will do the job any better than Dombrowski. #

River4 v0.88 -- includes in lists.#

node.js - Can not install packages using node package manager in Ubuntu - Stack Overflow.#

Installing River4 on Ubuntu.#

Just discovered that tablet mode is not available when you connect the Surface 3 to multiple displays. I connected the Surface 3 while in tablet mode to the Microsoft Wireless display adapter on my HP EliteDisplay S240ml and I got a notification saying tablet mode is not available.#

Here are Moto Maker’s Options for the Moto X Pure Edition (2015).#

Google Now tips and tricks: Chrome browser sends commands to phones.#

Jimmy Carter Is Correct that the U.S. Is No Longer a Democracy #

Why can't Microsoft just take any useful steps to save the Windows Phone platform? - Quora. I am still pretty convinced that the answers to this question don't get to the root of why Microsoft failed to respond to the iPhone. The problem goes back to anchoring Windows CE/Windows Mobile to Windows, being determined it had to look and work the same as Windows, and seeing it as important to the future of Windows rather than seeing as important to the future of Microsoft. #

Here is something interesting. At the bottom of the second display, which is the external monitor connected via the Wireless display adapter, there is a partial task bar with the Start button, Cortana button, and icons for Edge, File Explorer, Store, Chrome, which is running, the Chrome app menu, and Skype, which is running. When I click the Start and Cortana buttons they display on the external display, which I click on the same buttons on the Surface 3 display, they appear on the Surface 3, which is very nice. All other apps display where they were last viewed. #

I should note that I can now use the Wireless display adapter while Bluetooth devices are connected. Under Windows 8 I was not able to use any Bluetooth devices while the Surface 3 was connected to the display. #

I've managed to get extended display to work and scaled the external monitor with wireless display to 125%. Mouse is still a bit jittery. #

I am testing my Surface 3 with Windows 10 and the Microsoft Wireless display adapter. So far, the display on my monitor is not looking very good, and the mouse performance is also very poor. #

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