The Most Important Book I Read This Summer "The book, 'The End of Economic Man: The Origins of Totalitarianism,' chronicles a period of great instability in Europe, centering on the rise of the massive political movement totalitarianism, and two individuals whose marks on history would be profound and horrific."#

Huffington Post "After the nation’s biggest banks utterly burned down Americans’ trust and faith by wrecking the economy in 2008, you’d imagine that Wells Fargo and other large institutions would be working overtime to earn it back." Of course, the solution is less regulation and let the "market" regulate itself. #

Bloomberg provides some important context to the above story. "You get what you measure, but only exactly what you measure."#

What Should You Choose: Time or Money? - The New York Times.#

The fall update, which they call “ginormous” brings a lot of new but familiar things to the game, including 2 new chapters, some new pigs to go up against, new hats to wear, and more daily challenges, in case flinging birds at bricks and swines isn’t enough of a challenge.#

Here's my question: what will happen to the simple, lovely intimacy of sharing a pair of earbuds with your crush?#

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