The Guardian: Tennis appears to be in denial but match-fixing claims are not new. #

While the allegations in the Buzzfeed article referenced to in the above are specifically about tennis players throwing sets and matches, I think there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in how professional sports "partners" with gambling. For example, I was somewhat shocked by the fantasy sports advertising on the boards at Joe Lewis Arena. How do you make integrity claims with one hand while the other hand is taking advertising money from companies that make money from gambling on your sport?#

During the discussion about the match-fixing allegations on ESPN, Brad Gilbert pointed out how the streaming of ATP satellite matches is funded by gambling companies. It just seems to me that if any sport is taking money from any gambling company, no matter how legit, the very act creates corruption. If the sport is policing itself, how hard will they investigate match fixing claims that might involve the companies paying them advertising?#

By the way, all professional sports have this problem, note my reference to Joe Lewis Arena above. Over the years I have heard references to relationships between Las Vegas and the NFL. To me it is hypocritical for all professional sports to ban an athlete, such as Pete Rose, while at the same time relying on the companies for who gambling is their business as a source of revenue. #

Bottom line, you can't have your cake and eat it to. If you are going to police athletes and officials so they aren't corrupted, the corporations running these events have got to be willing to not take money offered to them by the companies associated with gambling. #

Corruption doesn't occur when you do something wrong, it occurs at the moment when the persons you are asking to trust you perceives a reason they should no longer trust you, no matter whether or not you are doing something wrong. This fact is the very reason why most Americans no longer trust our government, we perceive it is corrupt, and at that moment it becomes corrupt.#

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