I am curating a new blog: tech2watch.#

You Are Most Likely Misusing Docker. The article suggests docker containers are large, and while that may be true for many containers, it is possible to make them smaller. At any rate, they are smaller than virtual servers. The problem is that many people use the Ubuntu image as the base in their Dockerfile that is larger, but you can use a more slimmed down base image like Busybox.#

I am thinking that I could really use a dashboard towards which I could funnel items related to specific technologies that I want to watch. The following are topics I am considering, right now I think I will use categories and tags on my Wordpress blog to track. #



Chatbots (or bots in general)#


I've created an outline view of the categories and tags I will be using to track the above articles, and created a FrankNet menu option called tech2watch.#

Dr. Lucy Kalanithi: “'We agreed that life is not about avoiding suffering.' It’s about creating meaning."#

David Frum: "The Republican Party in 2016 presents a contrasting spectacle: a party so powerfully committed to ideas that it can no longer recognize that those ideas have ceased to resonate beyond its own shrinking coteries of activists and intellectuals."#

Tim Cook admits prices are real: Apple iOS v Android market share - Business Insider. It would seem obvious to me that the issue with the iPhone is that those who own older iPhones see theirs as good enough, or do not like the larger screen iPhones, plus current Android users who have not switched not seeing enough in iOS to want them to switch. What I think is most interesting is how iOS has not visibly changed much since the beginning and how that feels similar to Palm. When people perceive what you are selling is the same old thing, they are going to start looking elsewhere. I would love to see numbers of people switching from iOS to Android.#

I think the ultimate blogging tool would integrate finding stuff to read, reading it, then writing about it. A combination of River4, Pocket, and Fargo would work. In a way, I am doing that via separate tabs in Chrome, but an app that integrated these things would be more elegant.#

A Proposal to save $ Billions I did not know that the impact of linkrot could be quantified.#

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