Pew survey shows 68 percent of US adults now own a smartphone.#

Compare this to how telephone land lines were implemented.#

Do You Read Differently Online and in Print? Not surprised that the answer to the subject question is yes. I think online reading makes one less willing to read really long form articles. Ironically, this article is an example of one that I think is too long. #

I try to use Pocket to read the majority of the web articles that I read because it works cross platform and provides a nice, clean reading experience. I find most of the articles that I want to read from my River4 RSS subscriptions. What I would like is a button underneath each news article that sends that article to Pocket. #

River4 does place a share button underneath each article, and one option may be to replace the code that executes when I click the share button with the code that adds an article to Pocket. To do this I need Javascript that sends a URL to Pocket, then I need to figure out how to add that code to River4.#

It occurs to me that I can make IFTTT do this for me by monitoring the RSS feed for my Radio3 linkblog. The recipe monitors my Radio3 linkblog RSS feed and when it sees new items, adds that to Pocket. What I need to think about is whether I want to share every item I want going to Pocket in Twitter.#

I can configure Radio3 settings to not share items to Twitter, but then each time that I do want to share to Twitter I'll have to go back in to Settings. What I wish Radio3 had is a way to designate for each item where I want to share it by putting an icon for each service I've configured (Twitter, Facebook, Slack or Wordpress) underneath the item, then let me click to turn it off.#

For the moment, I think I will just share each article to Twitter.#

A problem with this approach is that it does open a new browser tab, and requires another button click to save the item. Ideally, I would just click a button and the article is added to Pocket with no additional browser tab. #

I seem to be having issues with connectivity between my Moto 360 and Nexus 6P.#

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