USB-C Compliant Cables - Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, and OnePlus 2 USB Cables.# Profile for Benson Leung. Use this profile to confirm whether a USB-C product on Amazon is compliant to the USB-C spec.#

Caches to Caches: "being able to program can only ever be as important as recognizing when writing code to accomplish a task will be worthwhile." The context of this quote is an article in which the author suggests there may be parts of how we teach programming that are not correct. We see a similar scenario in corporate IT that is often called build vs. buy. Can I buy a software package that provides the functionality I need, or should I build it myself? In my opinion, too many companies build no software, but change the basic functionality of what they bought to the extent the base product is nearly unrecognizable and practically unsupportable. It's a process designed to create technical debt. #

Another fundamental problem is that programming alone is not valued by corporations, programming is what these companies buy from "low cost" countries. To succeed computer scientists need to see themselves as problem solvers who have in their tool bag the methodology of programming to enable them to solve those problems. #

My recommendation to any student working on a computer science degree is to broaden your skills so that the work you perform cannot be sent offshore, and absolutely do not see yourself as a programmer. #

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