Wired: "Rubin has a theory that humanity is on the cusp of a new computing age. Just as MS-DOS gave way to Macintosh and Windows, which gave way to the web, which gave way to smartphones, he thinks the forces are in place to begin a decades-long transition to the next great platform: artificial intelligence."#

Real Personal Computing: personal computing = hardware + software (apps) + Internet + intelligence#

Computing is on the verge of getting really personal.#

Mark Cuban: "Not only are 20-something entrepreneurs starting companies with a social component , 20 – Something consumers are EXPECTING a social component from companies they do business with."#

Rubio's Whole Career Probably Ended Last Night. Another lobbyist is born.#

Twitter's new timeline is here, and it's all about the algorithm.#

Never miss important Tweets from people you follow.#

While I use RSS to monitor web sites, I also use Twitter to find the latest news and information. What I like about RSS is that it will aways be in reverse chronological order because it is open enough to enable people to make it so for themselves. I stopped using the Twitter app for Android because I could no longer rely on it to provide information in reverse chronological order.#

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