Salon: "Poorly written and atrociously reasoned, Citizens United rests on three simple, absurd precepts: Money is speech; corporations are people; and corruption is OK so long as it is sanctioned. OK, the third one isn’t so simple, but it sure is absurd. It pertains to what Justice Kennedy, the opinion’s author, calls “soft” corruption, by which he means the entire system: big donors, lobbyists, lush retreats, revolving doors, exorbitant speaking fees. The whole shebang."#

January 21, 2010 may be the day the music died. #

I think one huge mistake we as citizens of the United States make is assume that the republic the Constitution creates will always exist. It is at risk now more than ever with every branch of our government corrupted. Checks and balances really no longer exists, the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court makes this clear to me. The theatre we see in replacing Justice Scalia is further evidence. #

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