I am no longer actively adding content to this site. Please join me over here: Let's Be Frank#

One server I could SSH into, found the file system in read-only mode, and was able to reboot. Two servers I cannot SSH in to and don't respond to commands from the panel.#

More fun with CloudAtCost. Servers down and panel not working to reboot them.#

How to Use Android’s Wi-Fi Assistant to Keep Your Phone Safe on Public Networks.#

I've enabled Wi-Fi assistant on my Nexus 6P and have seen it kick in a couple of times. I wish it would automatically connect me at Starbucks.#

Pence says that he never considered dropping off the Republican Presidential ticket. I think the appropriate questions are, why not? And, why is the line of which Trump cannot cross? All my life the Republican party and it's religious right cohort have been the values and morality police. Even last night Trump mostly tried to make the claim that Hillary client's values disqualify her to be President. What I am waiting to see is Republicans holding themselves, and particularly their Presidential nominee to those same values. #

It is now easier to install Docker on a Raspberry Pi because the correct files are part of the "standard" Docker install process for Linux. Up until now installing Docker has been more difficult because of the ARM chips that is in the Raspberry Pi. #

Get Started with Docker 1.12 on Raspberry Pi.#

Official Google Blog: Say hello to Google Allo: a smarter messaging app.#

If you aren't first with a social app, it is nearly impossible to get people to switch. It's hard to see how Allow will be any different.#

The Most Important Book I Read This Summer "The book, 'The End of Economic Man: The Origins of Totalitarianism,' chronicles a period of great instability in Europe, centering on the rise of the massive political movement totalitarianism, and two individuals whose marks on history would be profound and horrific."#

Huffington Post "After the nation’s biggest banks utterly burned down Americans’ trust and faith by wrecking the economy in 2008, you’d imagine that Wells Fargo and other large institutions would be working overtime to earn it back." Of course, the solution is less regulation and let the "market" regulate itself. #

Bloomberg provides some important context to the above story. "You get what you measure, but only exactly what you measure."#

What Should You Choose: Time or Money? - The New York Times.#

The fall update, which they call “ginormous” brings a lot of new but familiar things to the game, including 2 new chapters, some new pigs to go up against, new hats to wear, and more daily challenges, in case flinging birds at bricks and swines isn’t enough of a challenge.#

Here's my question: what will happen to the simple, lovely intimacy of sharing a pair of earbuds with your crush?#

Google will announce Pixel phones, 4K Chromecast, Google Home, Daydream VR viewer on October 4th. Of course Google will release a 5K Chromecast, I just bought a new Chromecast for my new 4K Samsung TV!#

These are Lenovo’s mesmerizing new Yoga products Looks appealing, but I prefer writing directly on the screen, not on a side panel.#

Google is giving up on its plans for a modular phone - Recode I never understood how a modular smartphone would be appealing. Modularity may make sense for manufacturing, but not for consumers.#

Evleaks says that the first three quarterly Android Nougat releases are 7.1, 7.1.1, and 7.1.2.#

5 hidden Android Nougat features you should be using. The alarm override feature of time events is great, but there is still an issue with event alarms. The problem is that with event rules, there is no option to turn off Do Not Disturb, when means you have to remember to turn such events off. #

Android adopting regular maintenance schedule, first Nougat release w/ dev preview this fall. Might Google stop providing "full" version upgrades in favor of regular quarterly updates along the lines of other operating systems?#

Ars Technica Android 7.0 Nougat Once again Ars Technica has the best review of Android.#

Hear The Most Popular 7 Seconds of Drumming Ever Recorded.#

Google released Android 7.0 Nougat today. I've been running the beta on my Nexus 9 and the only issue I have had is with Instagram. Some videos tend re-appear in other random pictures as I scroll down through my feed.#

4 JavaScript Design Patterns You Should Know.#

EC2 Update – T2.Nano Instances Now Available. The prices for cloud servers keeps getting lower and lower.#

Google Trends provides a way to follow what is currently happening.#

I am checking out Piggydb, which is a tool for building personal knowledgebases. Rather than installing their standalone package that uses Java, I went to Docker Hub and found a container that hosts the server based version that I've been running in Docker Toolbox for Windows. What I find interesting about Piggydb is how you can relate notes to each other. My guess is that there is relational database running in the background keeping track of all the relationships. Right now I am only running Piggydb on my laptop, I would need to move it to a server if I were to commit to it.#

I forgot about Happy Friends#

WordPress has a new desktop app that I have installed on my Surface 3. It works ok, but there is an occasional lag that interrupts typing, making the app pretty unusable for me. The lag appears to be caused when the post is being autosaved, which seems to be happening ever minute. #

I think the desktop app for Wordpress as created using Electron. #

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