More on Windows Phone from Paul Thurrott: "What I mean is that Microsoft needs to apply the learnings from Surface to Lumia/Windows phones and listen, and then deliver what its best customers really want. And it needs to create devices with capabilities that simply don’t exist on other platforms." It is going to come down to revenue and profits, the time for Microsoft to stick with a platform "just because" is diminishing. #

Microsoft and Windows Phone: What went wrong, and where can they go from here? I don't think this article quite gets it as there is a difference between developing great apps that provide "mobile experiences" on a number of operating systems and writing your own smartphone operating system. What is really required for the mobile experience? I am not sure it is the smartphone operating system, which requires costly resources to enhance and maintain. Does the mobile experience come from the UI? Could Microsoft develop an Android launcher that provided the modern UI to Android? #

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