Neil Walker hit a walk off home run in the 10th inning to give the Pirates a 1-0 victory over the Cubs. #

Second replay in the Cubs / Pirates game, Pirates request. Pick-off play at first called safe on the field. Call over turned, the first I believe. Replay shows the play wasn't close, which justifies the introduction of replay. #

Alex Gonzalez gets a game winning single in the ninth inning to give the Tigers a 4-3 opening day win over Kansas City. #

Cubs squandered a chance to score in the top of the ninth, with a runner on second and one out. Game is going into extra innings. #

Pitching duel in Pittsburgh. Game tied at 0 at the top if the 9th inning. In this game we have had the first use of instant replay, requested by the Cub's manager on a close play at first. The play was upheld. #

James Kendrick: "The launch of Office for iPad has been a big topic recently, and rightly so. Microsoft has proven me wrong with its approach to its office suite for Apple's tablet."
I can't get past the $60 per year subscription fee, despite its features, I don't I think it is worth it at that price because I don't do that much Office document processing on my iPad to justify it. #

Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates#

Opening Day in Detroit Happy Opening Day! May your favorite teams do well this season.#

You've Probably Never Heard Of A Yooper, But Here's Why You'll Wish You Were One.#

Detroit Sports Is Buzzing.#

Twitter / markmatsusaka: That's a #Detroit Pothole. We have had a crazy number of pot holes in the Detroit area this spring, so we will be feeling the affects of this wicked winter well into May. #

Twitter / HelenLeeAuthor: @rachelheldevans Bonhoeffer ...#

Twitter / rachelheldevans: What most effectively mobilizes ...#

Do you see value in the free version of Microsoft Office for iPad? I don't. #

Twitter / inafried: A cloud for everyone on every device ...#

Microsoft Office for iPad Review by Paul Thurrott.#

Speaking of which, Office for iPad is free. You are going to hear this a lot, but it is free as a viewer. Frankly, I don't consider viewing documents as "Office," there are plenty of office document viewers out there. In my opinion, a real version of Office is one in which you can create documents, as you can do on a desktop, and in order to do that on an iPad you will have to pay $60 per year. For my needs, I can get by just fine with existing, lower cost products.#

Twitter / frankm: Office for iPad... meh!#

"UpTo works on both Android and iOS, but the company decided to launch on the Apple platform first, because that product is more mature," according to Schwartz. #

David Henson: "In the past 24 hours, we just witnessed the extent evangelicals will go to keep LGBTQ+ people marginalized, to keep an organization from the simple thing of recognizing their already legal marriages. They will starve children. They will deprive impoverished communities of aid and help."#

The gospel of Jesus Christ is never at stake.#

Matthew 22:36-40 It amazes me how people who claim to be followers of Jesus disagree about how to express love. First, and foremost, love is an emotion, one that comes from deep within not just from our heart but also from our bowels. Love is not expressed by telling someone about their sins, nor is it expressed by telling them they need to seek forgiveness. It is expressed by having compassion, putting your arms around them and kissing them. It's expressed by never giving up. #

I am wondering whether the anticipated announcement of Microsoft Office for the iPad is really big news at this point. It would have been bigger a few years ago. CONCLUSION: No! If you are already an Office 365 subscriber, you may be happy, but for those people who are not will not like the idea of paying $60 per year to create Office documents on an iPad.#

Satya Nadella press briefing webcast will occur at 1 PM EST.#

Team Microsoft#

Innovation agenda#

Cloud first, mobile first#

Office for iPad, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, available in the iPad iTunes App Store, price? Freemium, free to read documents, to create documents need an Office 365 subscription. The lowest prices for Office 365 is $60 per year. #

Microsoft InTune. Mobile device self-service management from a company portal. #

Azure Active Directory, AD in the cloud. Single sign-on for cloud apps, includes multi-factor authentication. Microsoft is providing a way to integrate this authentication with native apps on the mobile platforms. "Facebook for enterprise."#

Enterprise Mobility Suite: InTune, and Azure Active Directory#

Intersection of mobility and cloud#

Next week, at Build, Microsoft will show innovations in Windows. #

I wonder when archiving will be added to noteblogs. Clearly at some point the stream is going to get too long. #

A fresh look for Google Alerts#

BGR: "Announced on Tuesday morning, the second-generation HTC One hero phone bests its predecessor in every way, highlighted by a fresh new design that is somehow even more sleek and elegant than the original model."#

Jared Allen chooses Chicago Bears I was hoping that the Packers would pick him up, it would have signified a real investment in their defense after signing Peppers.#

What the reviews say about the HTC One M8 — Tech News and Analysis.#

viaProtect lets you know exactly what your apps are up to so you can decide whether they're worth keeping.#

Looking at my web notes for March 25 makes me realize I did more blogging yesterday than I have in a long time. I think it's totally about the bookmarklet and small snippets of information.#

Detroit News: "A week ago, many were willing to give them up for dead. Others were more delicate."#

Engadget: "A great phone, but no longer a game-changer."#

Matt Miller: "My biggest gripe about the M7 was the lack of detail in the UltraPixel camera. Since that wasn't fixed, I think I'll be skipping the M8 for now."#

I've been keeping my HTC One in a case for the last year, but I've decided to take it out of the case and use it case-less. The result is I feel like I have a new phone! #

Do you miss 1984? Bitchin'! Join the club.#

Google has lowered prices for their cloud services. I need to check out setting up a VM in this environment.#

“We don’t think you should have to choose between those two apparent opposites,” said Urs Hölzle, who oversees Google’s cloud services.#

Microsoft believes the children are our future, and to prove it, it's teamed up with the Computer History Museum to make source code available for two groundbreaking programs: MS-DOS and Word for Windows.#

Strange thing about the Google Maps background capability released yesterday. When I move the mouse over the map and then use the scroll wheel the map zooms in and out as opposed to scrolling down the web page. I wonder if there is a way to prevent that.#

In my opinion, the fact that the new HTC One is available today is the most exciting thing about today's announcement by HTC. I think they are one of the first Android companies to release a new phone on the same day of the announcement.#

Just read Engadget's HTC One review (2014) and I am not terribly excited by what I see. I am happy with my current HTC One, although I find the Moto X software to be very appealing.#

Using GitHub to host your site Starting to look at publishing my Fargo content to another server.#

I think the result below makes the item appear like it has a title. #

Commenting on noteblogs
Jeffrey Kishner has created a way to making comments clear on new ideas. Checking it out. #

Here is something interesting. Fargo 1.50 had issues with rendering in portrait on tablets. It rendered well on smartphones, but had layout issues with tablets. Now with the font changes in Fargo 1.52 the rendering issues have reversed. The rendering looks fine on tablets in both portrait and landscape, but is having problems on smartphones. #

Dave has made changes to the default fonts for noteblogs, so I am checking them out.#

I've learned how to change the fonts here, so I am tweaking them to find a set that I like. #

In other words, the schools and colleges are often just fine with that. Take this in, endlessly, is the basic philosophy of our schools. Create nothing. Listen and learn.#

Dave is adding maps to noteblogs. Suddenly I can see the emergence of a travel log. #

While the streams template looks bad on a tablet in portrait, it looks fine on a tablet in landscape. I write this in case it helps. I am also writing this item using a tablet... a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. #

Not much happens at 5 AM EST in social media land. I've been up since 4 AM doing a storage migration. #

My first tweet seems to be the current meme on Twitter. I wasn't very profound on July 21, 2006.#

March Madness is reason #999,999 for why you want to own an iPad.#

Tigers Acquire Andrew Romine From Angels The injury to Jose Inglesias has cost the Tigers a left hander, and Romine is not exactly a stellar shortstop. It's hard to believe this is the best the Tigers could do, but I suspect other options might have cost too much.#

March Madness Update So far I am 0-2 today.#

Go to my Fargo Blogs river, switch to compact view. What does it remind you of?#

A script to send a noteblog item to Twitter. I need to refresh myself on scripts in Fargo.#

I am building a river of Fargo Blogs. If you got one to add, post the link in the comments section on my work notes. #

This was my 5000th tweet although there hasn't been any fanfare. #

Twitter: Politicians discussing global warming#

Some people use robins as the barometer of when spring arrives, in Detroit we mark it by new grass at our ballpark.#

No matter how ornery the weather, ... Rumor has it, today is the first day of spring, but it doesn't feel like it. Weather wise, it has been a very strange year.#

How do you charge it? Motorola hasn’t said but Wicks did give some clues.#

Google ‘Nexus’ G Watch teased by LG I guess we know what attendees are going to get at this year's Google I/O.#

In-depth with Android Wear There are a lot of screenshots here, but not one showing the most important function of a watch. Showing the time!#

Samsung Said To Be Planning A SIM-Equipped Gear 2 Smartwatch. Is this Samsung's response to Android Wear? #

Google Hopes Android Wear is Spot On.#

You can tell your Android phone to take pictures or video by voice command — Tech News and Analysis.#

But if worse comes to worse, there are options out there which are similar to Google Voice in its current form, such as Line2. I wonder whether one will be able to port their Google Voice number to another service?#

it is the place where evil and love collide, and the question of “why?” is left hanging#

Eminem, Rihanna to play Comerica Park Aug. 22. Oh boy! #

Fargo the movie moves to Fargo the TV series, blogged in Fargo the outliner.#

If you add subitems to a node that is entirely a link, the link goes away and is replaced with expand/collapse.#

Dave has released the source code for the bookmarklet.#

How I did the bookmarklet.#

Ok, the menu has now changed. Looks like it took a while to change.#

Doesn't look like it. I will have to learn the CSS overrides / templates, because I really don't like the appearance of this site.#

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