Google releases standalone apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. I mainly use worksheets on my mobile devices, so for now I am only installing Sheets.#

The weather this week is not doing my fantasy baseball team any favors. Lots of postponed games.#

GM assembly plant teaming up with Detroit nonprofit to build shipping container homestead. I wonder how the heating and cooling will be handled? #

Hands-on with the Acer Aspire Switch 10 multi-mode tablet - Liliputing. A 1.3 lb tablet sounds heavy.#

I wish the Evernote web clipper provided a way to add reminders to items I clip. #

Clean-out day: Detroit Red Wings depart for off-season, plan internal improvements. Doesn't sounds like Ken Holland has plans to be aggressive in the free agent market. I do think patience within the fan base is starting to wear thin. #

More rumors about Google changing the Nexus products lineup. It is interesting to see Google flailing about trying to settle on a mobile device strategy. For the most part they have followed the traditional OEM strategy, but the Motorola acquisition, along with Nexus and Google Play Edition have been variants on that approach. With Motorola, Google tried the "Apple make the hardware and software approach", but didn't have the patience to see if it worked. #

Acer Iconia One 7 hands-on: I don't think the low-spec, low price path is the way to go for tablets. I think tablets need a really compelling use case, and nobody other than Apple and Microsoft is even attempting to provide one for consumers. Ironically, I think both Apple and Microsoft are promoting the same use case for tablets, that being as a desktop and notebook replacement.#

Microsoft May Have Sold Well Over a Million Surface Tablets Last Quarter. I saw a Microsoft Surface tablet in the wild for the first time last week. I've been reading about how Apple iPad sales have been down, leading to speculation about what that means about the tablet market. I do wonder Microsoft's "PC monitor replacement" approach to tablets may be a winning strategy in the long run because it makes the tablet a better desktop and notebook computer replacement.#

North Carolina’s Gay-Marriage Ban Is Challenged by Church. Finally, someone is formally raising the question of whether legal bans on gay marriage is a violation of the first amendment. It is naive to think that views on gay marriage are not driven by religion, and the fact is there are different views on gay marriage within religions. In my mind, picking one side of a religious debate over another in a way that restricts rights on individuals is unconstitutional. If the SCOTUS is truly originalists, then they ought to see this.#

As an aside, I think there really needs to be an understanding of what marriage is to the state. I believe that from the state's perspective, a marriage is really a contract between two people. Why is it that divorces occur in courts and not in churches? Because ultimately, a divorce is a legal break of a contract between two parties that involves deciding with whom shared property goes to after the contract no longer exists. #

A state ban on gay marriage then is preventing two parties from entering into a contract. Now, again, from a state point of view, what is the purpose for that contract? Isn't it so that two parties can legally share property, and enter into contracts jointly like with mortgages and insurance? #

IBM Puts All Its Cloud Apps in One Place.#

The Guardian: "The NRA is no longer concerned with merely protecting the Second Amendment's right to bear arms – the gun lobby wants to use those arms on its fellow citizens. Or, as the NRA thinks of them: 'the bad guys'." Isn't this the logical conclusion for what is essentially an industry organization? The gun industry wants to make more money by selling more guns. Not as many people hunt as those who fear others, so let's convince them they need to be armed. Armed by the guns that they sell. Fear makes a lot people rich in the United States.#

First security flaw Microsoft won’t fix in Windows XP has been found - TechBlog.#

How To Tell If Someone Hacked Your Computer, Email Accounts, Gmail.#

Really Useful IFTTT Recipes for Android Users.#

Use Andy to emulate Android on your desktop - CNET.#

Red Wings make another early exit as Bruins win Game 5. The success or failure of this year's playoffs won't be known until we see how the Red Wing's young players perform next year. The Red Wings had many young and inexperienced players, but the only way you playoff experience is to be in playoff games.#

Matthew Ingram: "I miss the old blogosphere" Looking at my RSS feeds, I don't follow many individual bloggers like back in the day.#

John C Dvorak on Aereo: Tech Mob Mentality at Its Worst. Yet Dvorak has no problem "borrowing" other people's Slingbox accounts to watch TV in markets other than the one he lives in. Sounds hypocritical to me.#

Meet the Lenovo ThinkPad 10 tablet - Liliputing. I wonder how much this will cost?#

dana boyd: "Although contemporary parents fret incessantly about teenagers, most people don’t realize that the very concept of a “teenager” is a 1940s marketing invention."#

A flock of Cedar Waxwings stopped by our crab tree this morning for breakfast.#

IFTTT Android release today: I am looking forward to giving my phone a little IFTTT magic. #

I've installed IFTTT on my HTC One and it works as advertised. Recipes that I am using include changing wallpaper, uploading screenshots to Dropbox, and muting my phone during meetings. #

GigaOm: "Whether or not you think this is a good idea, inserting any sort of commercial relationship into delivering last mile web content –outside of what the end-consumer pays the ISP — is not network neutrality. So let’s stop calling it that."#

Rumors are that a Microsoft Surface Mini to debut in mid-May. I also read another article saying that Microsoft intends it to be the best note taking tablet available. I am interested in seeing what this tablet has to offer, but after using the Galaxy Note 8 for a year, I am starting to wonder whether an 8 inch screen is large enough for handwriting.#

The OnePlus One Has Launched: Snapdragon 801, 1080p, and CyanogenMod for $300. Not sure that I am sold on a 5.5 inch screen, but I do like the pricing. No information yet about how and when one can purchase it. I wish it had wireless charging.#

Amazon bringing older HBO shows to Prime Instant Video members for free.#

One hundred years ago today the Chi-Feds played the Kansas City Packers in the first game at Weegham Park, which later became known as Wrigley Field. The Chi-Feds, managed by Joe Tinker, won 9-1. Happy birthday Wrigley Field!#

100 years later the Kansas City Packers (role played by the Arizona Diamondbacks) get their revenge, beating the Chi-Feds (role played by the Chicago Cubs) 7-5.#

Wrigley calm before the hoopla. Game time today is 2:30 PM EST. #

Tomorrow is the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field.#

Not every day that my old home town makes it into my Twitter feed.#

BGR has more about the rumored Amazon Smartphone. The take away is that software features are a key differentiator, similar to how the Moto X is different. The trick, however, is to add features and yet bet consistent with people's expectations for how a smartphone operates. #

Google has updated Hangouts: "Users will see 'People you Hangout With' and 'Phone Contacts.'" This is a change that I have very much been looking forward to.#

I binged watched Orphan Black last night. Good series with an interesting cliff hanger at the end of the first season.#

Fargo 1.54 - WordPress Integration Improvements#

Test post on

Work notes - Fargo To WordPress Integration.#

Los Angeles Angels at Detroit Tigers It was a great day to be at the ball park, plenty of sunshine although I could have did without the cool breeze. Tigers won 5-2. #

The good and the bad of Christianity is rooted in understanding why Jesus was crucified. Why was Jesus forsaken by God? How could the divine be killed?#

I find in the Bible that our desire for the answer to why has been with us from the very beginning. The stories in Genesis tell us that the serpent told Eve the fruit will allow her to know "good and evil," and Eve takes and eats seeing that it was "desirable for gaining wisdom." #

The problem is that our desire for an answer to why leads us to put words in God's mouth. Not being God, we are left to our own vices, filling in the blanks with our own terms, which we can only do in the context of what we know. #

Is it any wonder then that our explanations for why Jesus was crucified, in what theologians call atonement theories, use metaphors like financial legal, military, and sacrificial? All of these are human concepts that we put on God, and in so doing we create a God in our image. #

Does a follower of Jesus need to understand why he was crucified, or are we called to simply respond? #

What would happen if rather than focusing on what's in it for me that Jesus died we focused on his last instructions for us to "love one another"? #

Lost in the focus on creation and Original Sin in the creation stories of Genesis is the idea that we were intended to co-exist with God, to live and walk with God, here on earth. To be "at one" with God. Our story is one of a God wanting to be "at one" with us, and the obstacles we keep putting up that prevent us from being "at one" with the Sacred. #

Jesus provides the way to "at-one-ment" with God, the way that brings to fruition the kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven. The day on which we finally "do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God," on that day we will finally understand why it is Good Friday.#

So, I sit A.J. Burnett on my fantasy baseball team because he has a hernia injury, and of course he pitches a shut out through seven innings.#

Google Camera: What's new, and a guide to the latest features.#

Fargo 1.54 adds the ability to grab a copy of a Wordpress blog and edit it.#

Something has happened to the Settings dialog. When I follow the instructions and click the System menu (My Dropbox name), Settings, I see the following dialog. Shouldn't I see a Blog tab? In other words, there is no Blog panel. #

12 Reasons Why Bowling Is God’s Favorite Sport.#

Of the pictures that I have "discovered" to use as backgrounds, I think I like the one for April 11 the most.#

Maundy Thursday: Memo from Simon#

Orchard Lake Rd/14 Mile Rd roundabout construction in Farmington Hills is delayed until next year. This is a major intersection near my house, and this construction is going to cause major headaches. #

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is now available, but the idea of accessing a notebook or desktop computer desktop from a smartphone doesn't sound too appealing. I'm also not sure whether tablet access is much value.#

Google redesigns Android camera app, puts it in the Play Store - Liliputing
I've installed this camera app on my HTC One. I didn't find it in they store on the phone, but I could install from the web site.#

Jason Micheli: "If I could offer you a choice: between a savior who tells you to return hate with love, or a savior who gives you permission to strike back at those who do you evil- if I could give you a choice, which one would you choose?"#

Brian Sweeney on why he is leaving Michigan: "Social issues and political dysfunction have made Michigan an unpleasant pair of peninsulas for me, and I believe this must change for Michigan to attract its next generation."#

BGR: "And so begins the story of Amazon’s first smartphone." I am having a hard time imagining the value of a 3D interface for a smartphone. My first reaction is Amazon is trying too hard to be different. #

Twitter / ShawnLeyLive Tigers game postponed because it snowed. On tax day. In Detroit. (Actually I don't know why the game is postponed, but I think it's because nobody, fan, player, umpire, concession person, would have any fun.)#

Note to self: Farmington road will be shut down from 12 mile road to 10 mile road starting April 23.#

On Monday of Holy Week, Mark uses the story of Jesus cursing a fig tree, and the discovery of it withered away the next day, to explain Jesus's actions in the temple on that Monday. Borg and Crossan suggest that Mark has Jesus figuratively "shutting down" the temple.#

Tuesday of Holy Week in Mark the contains the most narrative of the entire week. On this day you see a series of challenges and responses between Jesus and the religious leaders of the day. #

First, Jesus's authority is challenged, then Jesus compares the temple authorities to greedy tenants. Jesus is asked whether or not the Jews should pay taxes to Caesar, exposing the authorities own lack of credibility by simply asking for a coin. Jesus is asked about the resurrection of the dead, which he seems to brush off by saying that God is God of the living, not of the dead.#

The only positive dialog occurs between Jesus and a scribe, with the scribe asking Jesus for a concise summary of what it means to be loyal to God. Jesus responds with "love God, and love your neighbor." The scribe affirms this response and then indicts the temple authorities by saying, "..this is much more important than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices." (Mark 12:33) Despite this positive interaction, Jesus then goes on to challenge scribal teaching and practices.#

After these sparing rounds between Jesus and the authorities, Jesus and the disciples head back to Bethany, and on the way Mark has Jesus explicitly saying the temple will be destroyed. The disciples ask Jesus about how they will know this will happen, he provides his longest speech recorded in Mark, which is known as the Little Apocalypse.#

We don't often hear about Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of Jesus's last week on earth and I often wonder why. Is it, perhaps, because he challenged the religious leaders of his day and the religious leaders of our day don't particularly like the message that Jesus has about them?#

Google unveils email scanning practices in new terms of service Why is this news? #

I hadn't thought of this when I saw the news yesterday that the Office for Web apps are now available in the Chrome web store. This should put an end to the Scroogled advertisements, no?#

Woke up to about an inch of snow on the ground! #

Latest forecast - We set the record for the snowiest snowfall season in Detroit, with 94.8 inches of snow during 2013-14. #

For the last six weeks I have been leading a discussion group at my church on a book titled "The Last Week: What The Gospels Really Teach About Jesus's Final Days In Jerusalem" by Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. Each chapter of the book focuses on one day of this week, Holy Week, using the Gospel of Mark as its guide.#

In the chapter on Monday we learn about a technique that Mark uses to help provide meaning to a particular story. Monday starts in Bethany with Jesus approaching a fig tree expecting to find fruit, but does not and therefore curses the tree. Next, we find Jesus in the temple with his disciples and what takes place is what is commonly known as Jesus cleansing the temple. #

The day ends with Jesus and the disciples returning to Bethany. The next morning the disciples notice that the fig tree that Jesus cursed the previous day had withered away. #

What does the story of the fig tree have to say about Jesus's actions in the temple on that Monday? What did it have to say for the religious leaders? #

A couple of inches of snow are in tonight's forecast. Does snow in spring count towards a winter snow fall record?#

Chrome OS now lets you dock small apps on the side.#

Windows Phone 8.1 review I see lots of positive things being written about the latest release of Windows Phone. Question: Does it now have a way to access Google Calendar? If I have to move my information from where I keep it today to a Microsoft world, that is a huge problem. #

While we have had high winds were I live, back in the home land they are dealing with another snow storm.#

"The irony of this is that Obamacare's successes are, in many cases, conservatism's successes."#

While most people focus on Joe's draft picks, I think it really went downhill after Flip Saunders left. The real difference is that during the years that the Piston's were successful (2001-2008) they had good, proven coaching. I also feel like Joe got stuck in an "m-o" of trying to find a diamond in the rough. So much praise was given onto him for "finding" players like Ben Wallace and Chauncy Billups, that it seems like all Joe focused on was trying to find a player and coach from amongst those who other's didn't want.#

By now you have most likely heard about the Heartbleed vulnerability. Simply put, up until a few days ago there was a bug in the software that secures most web sites. Even if you saw the little lock in the browser address bar your information, like user ids and passwords, could have been captured.#

If you are paying attention you most likely decided to change all your passwords, and you may have also most likely come to the realization that you have a bazillion passwords. The need for so many passwords is a real problem and Heartbleed exposes that problem. #

You should not use the same passwords for web sites that contain any sensitive information, yet if you are going to use say more than seven web sites, how is one to create and remember so many passwords? What I do for this problem is used an app called LastPass. #

LastPass generates strong passwords, passwords that are at least 12 characters long with random characters and stores them for me in an encrypted database. When I access one of my trusted computers, I log in to LastPass and when I need to access a web site I retrieve my user id and password from it. #

Another way that LastPass has helped me with Heartbleed is that it provides a tool to scan all the web sites for which I have passwords, checks to see when that site's SSL certificate was changed, compared it to when I last changed my password for that site, and then told me whether or not I need to update my password. Of course, this tools is only as useful as the number of web sites I use LastPass with, otherwise it doesn't know I used the site nor when I last changed my password. #

In an ideal world, there would be another way for us to secure access to web sites. It might combine something I know (like a password I memorize), with something I have that is embedded within the computing device I am using in a highly secured manner. This is known as multi-factor authentication, and is used by several web sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, and LastPass. Until then, utilizing a tool that generates strong passwords and using that tool is probably one of the best approaches that we can take.#

Here is a quick way to confirm that your browser is properly checking for server certificate revocation. Read this for why this matters.#

Brendan Shanahan Joins Leafs As President & Alternate Governor Shanahan moves from leading the NHL's player safety office, which hands out play penalties, to leading the Toronto Maple Leafs. It also means the Red Wings now face two teams in the east lead by former players. Steve Yzerman is the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning.#

Steer breaks free from North Dakota slaughterhouse, ends up at Ann Arbor-area animal sanctuary.#

6 Reasons Millennial Christians Will Change Everything. I don't agree with the author's attempt at making individualism a positive thing. Following Jesus is first and foremost not about me.#

Researchers at the University of Southern California say people who drink at least a cup of coffee a day seem to have a lower risk of liver cancer compared to those who only indulge occasionally.#

Android-x86 - Porting Android to x86.#

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now.#

A tip: make sure your web browser is configured to check for server certificate revocation. If someone did steal a web site's SSL certificate using the Heartbleed bug and tries to use it to set up a fake site, and the original certificate owner revokes the certificate, you want your browser to catch that change. The problem is that most browser don't have this turned on by default.#

In Chrome click Settings, Show advanced settings, scroll down until you see HTTPS/SSL and make sure Check for server revocation is checked.#

In Internet Explorer click Internet options, Advanced, scroll down to the Security section, and make sure Check for server revocation is checked.#

Simple Starter will include unlimited talk and text, as well as 500 MB of 4G LTE data, for $40 per month. Any wireless plan with less than 2 GB of data is useless, so I don't think "Simple Starter" is a good plan from T-Mobile.#

Red Wings clinch playoff spot for 23rd consecutive season.#

Mission accomplished for the Detroit Red Wings. Making the playoffs is most important, even if they don't get past the first round. It's all about the Wing's young players getting playoff experience. Besides, you have no chance of winning the Stanley Cup if you don't get in to the tournament.#

Evernote doesn't use OpenSSL and thus they say their system was not vulnerable due to Heartbleed.#

It is confusing about what one should do to in reaction to the Heartbleed vulnerability. Most articles I've read are telling people to change their passwords, but there is a problem with that if the web site with which you are changing passwords has not made the necessary changes first. If the site's SSL configuration is still compromised your password changes could just be captured. What I am doing is checking the site first using the Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / SSL Server Test.#

IFTTT is the first web app/service that I use that sent me an email about the Heartbleed security vulnerability. I've contacted some key sites, like my banking sites to see what they plan to do, so far I have heard back from one. #

There is a bag that has Cadbury Creme Eggs in the house. EOM#

"It is very likely that Jesus meant that the purest way of loving God is by loving the people he created to his image."#

"To confess that Jesus was fully human is to admit that the answer to these questions must be yes."#

Mike Skinner: "Further, I recognize that it is theologically suspect to elevate a commitment to the Bible as the standard of Christian faithfulness. Certain circles of evangelicalism are in serious danger of idolizing the Bible. Jesus, not the Scriptures, is the true Word of God."#

Tonight two undefeated women's college basketball teams play for the Women’s NCAA Championship. It Has Never Happened In Any Other Sport.#

An Israeli company has posted a video to YouTube with the prototype for technology that can charge a cell phone battery in just 30 seconds. Finally, some innovation in battery technology. Current problem is that the battery is too large. #

I just flipped on the TV to the NCAA championship game. My feeling before the game is that UConn would beat Kentucky, and the Huskies have a lead at half time. However, in most of all the previous games Kentucky trailed at half time. #

Because they can? "Police in San Francisco are investigating why four Smart cars were flipped"#

As of tomorrow, April 8, all Windows 8.1 users will be able to move to Windows 8.1 Update.#

15 Best Android Apps.#

Alternate Android lock screen Cover is being acquired by Twitter. I've been using Cover on my HTC One and I like it because it provides quick access to applications. The app is not complete, however, so I hope that this news doesn't disrupt the release of updates.#

Android Police: "Hera, from what we know, essentially represents Google's effort to unify the experience users have in Android, Chrome, and Search all on your Android-powered device." Reading tea leaves. Google does seem to be evolving Chrome into a "cross-device," "cross-experience" platform. A case in point is Google Now cards in Chrome, which uses Android devices for location information.#

I-96 closure: I expected my commute into Detroit on M-10 to be much worse than it was due to the closure of I-96. Perhaps because today was just the first work day people have yet to figure out the best alternative. #

Do you remember FoxTrax?#

Engadget: "sporting goods maker Wilson has revealed its new, smart basketball." Sensors in the ball with the ability to pair the ball with an app. Sounds like this could be really useful for training, but I wonder whether the "smart ball" would be used in competition.#

Evernote: Save cooking recipes in Evernote, and tag the note with “grocerytrip” to have Grocerytrip automatically pull ingredients into a shopping list for you, sorting items by store aisles for quick access.#

Tigers remain the only unbeaten team in MLB. #

Miguel Cabrera gets 2,000th hit in Tigers win.#

Lazy morning. Sauntered downstairs at noon. Just started watching the Tigers.#

Wisconsin is hanging in against Kentucky. Just a few minutes ago it looked like Kentucky was taking over the game.#

Florida was dominating in the first ten minutes of the game, but then Connecticut started playing better and took a three point lead in to half time. Connecticut went on to win. I had Florida beating Arizona in the finals, so all my picks are done. NCAA March Madness Live#

What worship styles do millenials prefer? The direct answer is “none of the above.”#

When I see comments like this I just can't help but think that for some, the bible is an idol. #

The Millenial Pastor: "As I watched Noah, I couldn’t help but see this question as the real issue. Is humanity redeemable? Aronovsky seems to have come to the same place that the bible comes to over and over again. Human beings just cannot redeem themselves."#

Lutherans: More than good looks and jello.#

Elizabeth Esther: "Christians do NOT abandon children. Period. No matter what." What is worse is the justifications people write in the comments section of this post. My recommendation is to open up your bibles to Mark, Matthew, Luke, or John and see with whom Jesus had issues with and why he had those issues. #

We're Not No. 1! "The Social Progress Index is a brainchild of Michael E. Porter, the eminent Harvard business professor who earlier helped develop the Global Competitiveness Report. Porter is a Republican whose work, until now, has focused on economic metrics."#

IFTTT now available for iPads. Need to check this out.#

GigaOm: "Dror Oren, executive director at SRI Ventures, says SRI has built a method that could let users snap a photo (or several) of their plates to get an approximate calorie count." Perfect! The main problem with the calorie counting apps that I have tried is that they don't have all the foods that I eat in their database, particularly items that I cook for myself.#

Sudden battery drain on your Android phone? the solution is simple: Reboot your phone#

In order to prevent this battery drain, Auto Pilot Mode will detect when the signal is below a certain threshold. via BGR#

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win! Beat the Pirates 3-2. Three close games with the previous division champs. #

Twitter / lensweet: Discipleship not a moral code, ...#

Twitter / joecharlevoix: 12" to 16" inches forecasted for parts of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Nothing like a spring snow storm in the U.P.!#

A Jesus Kind Of Church: "My report on Jesus' sermon would say something like this: Jesus encountered religion—and religion was definitely not happy."#

Brad Jersak: "Now many Christian church-goers have never heard of midrash, but they will have seen many examples of it when reading the New Testament, because Jesus, Paul and Peter are were all especially fond of using midrash. Often they leave us scratching our heads about how they get away with taking verses so ‘out of context’ — when in fact, their ‘hermeneutical’ (interpretive) rules are simply not those of some modern Evangelicals who wear their ties too tight."#

Cortana Microsoft says Cortana is truly a personal digital assistant. Runs on the worlds's most personal smartphone. I think there are some interesting things about Cortana, and she has me considering Windows Phone. I wonder what is the lowest off-contract price for a Windows Phone.#

Two over-turns of umpire calls during the Tigers/Royals game today. I think we are going to learn just how bad the umpiring has been. #

Tiger's closer Joe Nathan has blown his first save of the season. Tigers/Royals go to the bottom of the 9th inning tied at one. However, Miguel Cabrera leads off the bottom of the 9th. Tigers win it in the bottom of the 10th inning with an Ian Kinsler walk-off hit.#

Wil Wheaton Announces The Wil Wheaton Project. A reason to watch the SciFy channel emerges.#

Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1.#

Live blog: Microsoft Build 2014 Starts at 11:30 EST today.#

Marco Arment: "Maybe we’d get some of the Keurig fans to use our methods if we weren’t so pretentious, wasteful, expensive, and inaccessible ourselves." I am happy with dark/deep roasts with my Keurig. One can find ecologically friendly was to use a Keurig, and the per cup cost of a K-cup is cheaper than a tall coffee from Starbucks. At the time I got my Keurig I was spending at least $4 per day at Starbucks. #

Bridge Camera View - Mackinac Bridge Authority Looks like the straits are still frozen. #

Obviously, the background images for Fargo noteblogs have grown on me. At first I didn't like them, but I have grown to like coming up for a picture for each day. #

Today's background image is of the Mackinac Bridge, or as I think of it, the gateway to the motherland.#

I survived April Fools day.#

It’s the path of the Pharisees, not the way of Jesus.#

With Coursera, education is free, open, online - and now available for Android. Google Play#

Ubergizmo: "the Android 4.4.3 update isn’t going to be too spectacular. In fact, its expected to primarily fix bugs."#

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