Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is now available, but the idea of accessing a notebook or desktop computer desktop from a smartphone doesn't sound too appealing. I'm also not sure whether tablet access is much value.#

Google redesigns Android camera app, puts it in the Play Store - Liliputing
I've installed this camera app on my HTC One. I didn't find it in they store on the phone, but I could install from the web site.#

Jason Micheli: "If I could offer you a choice: between a savior who tells you to return hate with love, or a savior who gives you permission to strike back at those who do you evil- if I could give you a choice, which one would you choose?"#

Brian Sweeney on why he is leaving Michigan: "Social issues and political dysfunction have made Michigan an unpleasant pair of peninsulas for me, and I believe this must change for Michigan to attract its next generation."#

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