MyScript Smart Note - Android Apps on Google Play. Just last night I was talking about the Newton MessagePad and how I missed some of its features, and today I discovered this app that is the closest thing I have seen to the Newton notepad metaphor on an Android device. I particularly like the editing gestures, although they are pretty limited.#

Andrew Sullivan: "This is an illegal war, chosen by an unaccountable executive branch, based on pure panic about a non-existent threat to the United States, with no achievable end-point. Apart from all that, it’s so much better than Bush, isn’t it?"#

Chrome APK Packager Can Turn Nearly Any Android App Into A Chrome Extension For Use With The ARChon Custom Runtime.#

iOS 8 crash rate 78 percent higher than iOS 7.#

Warning: iOS 8.0.1 update may kill cell service, Touch ID Updated - TechBlog.#

Brave New Phone Call: “The email culture runs deep at Microsoft,” says Ozzie. “Email is an amazing thing. It enables communication, but allows you to posture in a way you would never do face to face.”#


Review: Erwin Cherminsky's 'The Case Against the Supreme Court' - LA Times. My understanding is that the Supreme Court is not supposed to be political, yet it is one of the worst kinds of political branches of government, one that is not elected by the citizens and is put in place for life. #

Apple has a great weekend. I am curious to know how much of this is churn (owners of previous model iPhones upgrading) versus conversions (owners of another smartphone platform switching to iPhone.). If it is churn, it doesn't represent a big impact on marketshare, obviously if it is conversions it does. My guess is that it is closer to 50/50. #

The American Middle Class Hasn’t Gotten A Raise In 15 Years.#

What is RiverBrowser? I am struggling to understand what RiverBrowser provides. Being able to expand and collapse items in an RSS feed is interesting, only if there is a widely used way for displaying an item's full content. Most sites that provide RSS feeds refuse to provide full content because they want readers to come to their web site and be exposed to their ads. #

Is the iPhone 6 Plus really going to steal business away from Android? Not from me. #

Construction to begin Sept. 25 on new Wings arena, entertainment district. Hey, hey, hockeytown! Moving uptown.#

Happy iPhone 6 day! If you are in line, I hope you are warm. If you are waiting at home, may Fed Ex come quickly to your door. #

I am curious to find out how iPhone 6 Plus sales end up compared to iPhone 6 sales. Personally, I would go for the 4.7 inch screen that I find good enough with my Moto X, but there definitely seems to be a "bigger is better" mentality involved in electronics purchases.#

The AT&T store down the street appeared to have six people standing in line outside at about 9 AM.#

Li Na: Chinese trailblazer retires at age of 32 -

Fire HD 6 - Amazon's Official Site I find a 6 inch tablet intriguing. I've often thought of the Nokia 1520, but it is priced ridiculously high. On the other hand, look at that bezel! #

iOS 8 Vs. Android: Android already has iOS 8’s delayed Continuity.#

I've decided to go ahead and upgrade my iPad. After freeing up space by deleting a bunch of apps, the upgrade is now downloading. If I buy another iOS device, it will have 32 GB of storage at a minimum, but boy, that $100 price increase for 32 GB is painful. It's getting obvious that 16 GB devices are too small#

Storage space is a problem with my 3rd gen iPad that has 16 GB and I only have 779 MB available. Despite what the articles say, I don't seem to have the same type of issue with Android. I wish Apple provided an easy way to uninstall a lot of apps on the device. It is not a good user experience. #

Identifying iPad models.#

iOS 8 upgrade: iCloud Drive is only compatible with OS X Yosemite. I think I have the third generation iPad, the first one to have a retina display, and I am wary of upgrading to iOS 8. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 my iPad has been sluggish and my fear is that iOS 8 will make it worse. Plus, I don't think there are any features in iOS 8 that I will use. #

Venture Beat on smartwatches: "They’re mostly squarish, clunky, bulky, flat things with a screen that go on your wrist. They mostly do things your phone does, and they mostly rely heavily on your phone for a good portion of their functionality. They’re fairly expensive, and it’s not really clear that they do anything amazing that your other tech doesn’t already handle." Venture Beat goes on to say this sounds pretty much like the Apple Watch. #

Apple Watch Is And Isn't... I disagree. #

Salon: Roger Goodell and the NFL thought they had the press under control. This is not the best written article, it doesn't really provide the explanation that the title suggests, but it does provide some interesting tidbits. What it does expose is the downside of access journalism. #

Microsoft is selling a Universal Mobile Keyboard. I like the idea that you can use it across tablet platforms but I am not sold on its portability. Truth is, though, that I don't often use a keyboard with my tablets, mostly because I use my Galaxy Note 8 for taking notes in digital ink.#

Paul Thurrott on Microsoft's "mobile first, cloud first" strategy: "But in examining Mr. Nadella's comments about this strategy, I've argued that what he is really describing is mobile more broadly, more inclusively, that he's including—even emphasizing—mobile devices and platforms that are popular but made by other companies."#

I think that Nadella really gets it, and is a breath of fresh air at Microsoft. Microsoft is a software company and its goal ought to be to produce software for all platforms that we use. If you are just producing a platform, then you are boxed in and aren't going to grow in the long term. Google is about information, Apple is about making the best consumer products, and Microsoft should be about great software. All three can succeed, and all three can produce the same products as the other as long as they remain true to their purpose.#

I paid for my lunch at McDonalds with Google Wallet. The process worked but also highlights a problem, of the four registers at this McDonalds, only two had working NFC terminals. Hopefully, if more people use Apple Pay then retailers will have an incentive to keep their terminals functioning. #

Why Apple Pay Can Succeed Where Google Wallet Failed - Business Insider. I would like to think that Google could make improvements to their system to be more like Apple's. On the other hand, I like the idea of putting money in to my account at Google and then drawing on that money. If something get's hacked there is a hard cap on how much I could lose. #

Om Malik has written his reflections on the new Apple Event, and as usual Om has some of the best analysis on the Internet. What is interesting to me is that Apple Pay could be the main disruption caused by Apple, while the Apple Watch is a polished but me-too product#

Evernote for Android Now on Chromebook I've installed this on my Acer 720C with 4 GB of RAM and my HP Chromebox with 2 GB of RAM, and in both instances I see a lot of "Activity Evernote" Evernote is not responding errors. I suspect this is occurring with the behind the scenes communication with Evernote's servers.#

Roger Goodell's Tragic Sanctimony - The Atlantic.#

Jiggity's Essays: "The iPod launched with The One. The iPhone launched with The One. The Apple Watch launched with The Sixty."#

Apple Watch Is the Next BYOD Headache for Business.#

Reading my Twitter feed, it looks like a lot of people had fun trying to order their iPhones last night. #

We will see high sales numbers for the iPhone 6. I think they will sell more Pluses than regular iPhone 6s. What we won't see is how many existing iPhone owners bought the new model, but I suspect there is a lot more pent up demand from current iPhone users than there will be conversions from Android.#

iPhone 6 sales: AT&T says demand higher than iPhone 5s.#

I installed the Evernote Android app on my Chromebook last night. First I had to install an upgrade to my Chromebook. The app installed and downloaded headers, although I am seeing frequent restart/wait errors. It runs fast but seems unstable.#

I am uncomfortable with the idea that we are on the verge of going back to war on this anniversary of 9/11. In a speech today our President told us to "Never give in to fear" and yet, I can't help but feel that these acts of war on our part do exactly that, give in to fear. It is exactly what the military industrial complex desires. #

I believe the world has changed, but to what has yet to be decided.#

First Android apps available for Chromebook. I am looking forward to check this out.#

Ron Amadeo: "No one has really figured out what a smartwatch should look like yet, but one thing is for sure: Google and Apple have taken vastly different routes to getting a computer on your wrist."#

Here is what I think is the key point from Ron Amadeo's comparison for Ars Technica: "Apple is also taking a much more app-centric approach, putting apps on the main screen, just like on a smartphone. Google's watch OS is primarily notification driven, with the 'app drawer' buried several screens deep into the OS, or hidden behind a verbal 'start [app name].'"#

Apple comments on Watch battery life - SlashGear. It seems pretty logical to me that with that really high resolution display, battery life is going to be an issue with the Apple Watch. Now, truth is, I wouldn't wear it to bed, so being apple to easily put a watch on a charger is no big deal to me. However, if you travel, it does mean you will have to carry that charger with you or leave the watch at home. #

Remember, there is still one more smartwatch to be revealed. #

Apple Pay: how it works FAQ for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. I would love it if Starbucks had NFC payments rather than the Starbucks card bar code scan they use today. If you think about it, why should there be a separate Starbucks card? #

Joe Moreno: Here's a key problem with the Apple Watch: it doesn't replace anything – rather, it adds. The same statement is true of the iPad, yet Apple has sold millions of them. I am not sure that this argument will hold here either. The Apple Watch doesn't replace a regular watch, people have long given up wearing watches, rather the Apple Watch is a smartphone accessory. Its success is based on whether it is good enough accessory.#

SmartWatches Integrate With Too Few Devices.#

Dave Winer Says Apple Pay Is The Big Deal. I agree. The sweet spot for all wallets is payments involving small denominations and coins. We ought to have vending machines that can accept mobile payments. The biggest benefit we all gain from Apple Pay is more use of mobile payments across all retail. #

Dr. Dobbs: An Android's Life.#

Will we see a day when there are no smartphones with smaller than a five inch screen?#

iPhone 6 Event: Here are the most important things Apple announced.#

The main change with the iPhone 6 is the larger screen size. People who switch from an Android phone to the iPhone 6 are basically saying that the reason why they had been using Android is the larger screen. #

I think I may benefit the most from Apple Pay. The main reason why I haven't been using Google Wallet is that there aren't enough stores that have NFC terminals, or the stores that have them don't maintain them and I found many broke. #

The watch is an accessory to the iPhone, if you really want the watch you will need to get an iPhone. #

I don't get it. Perhaps they look better in person, but the Apple Watch does not look good to me. It looks like a thick nano with nicer bands. #

Apple is refusing to provide information about battery life, so the translation is that battery life is currently not very good. If they were getting great battery life they would have been praising it right now. What happens when we find out the Watch only gets ten hours of battery life.#

Question: Does the Apple Watch screen stay on all the time, or will it time out? Based on what I have been reading, I think the Moto 360's battery life is much better if you don't keep the screen on all the time. #

This is the new Moto X for 2014: Hands-on - SlashGear. I am torn because I really like the smaller size of the original Moto X, but I appreciate the other aspects of the 2014 Moto X design. If Moto Voice is made available for the original Moto X I have less of a need to get the new device. #

Here’s Andy Ihnatko’s best guess about the iWatch. There is only one spec we need to be concerned about, and that is battery life. Beyond battery life, the device has to look good and have a compelling purpose. #

It’s Not The End Of An Era For Men’s Tennis. Note that there is no American in the discussion.#

Detroit Free Press: "If you think Monday's Tigers-Lions doubleheader is a big deal - and it certainly is - consider what such an unofficial civic holiday like this might be like in five years or less if Detroit's city fathers and city mothers get it right this time."#

How to stop an app on Heroku?#

Moto X’s secret weapon: Custom Voice Prompts Does anyone know whether these new voice features will be made available for the current Moto X?#

Lexar Announces New JumpDrive M20 for Android Tablets and Smartphones. It looks like this flash drive could connect directly to smartphones for quick transfer / backup of photos and other media.#

Is leather a good idea for the back of a smartphone?#

I had some fun installing River4 on my Debian server this evening.#

ASUS ZenWatch brings Android Wear, extra perks for ASUS smartphones - SlashGear I like how this looks but I am concerned about extra features designed only for ASUS smartphones.#

ASUS EeeBook X205 Netbook take two?#

Detroit Free Press: Detroit-based Compuware announced this morning that it has reached a tentative deal to sell itself for $2.5 billion to a private equity fund and become a private-held company.#

Rev. Michael McBride: "What does it mean to do life with one another in such a way that it produces shared empathy and common understanding?"#

Sports Beat: Enough With The Tennis Snobery. Frankly, former U.S. tennis players are really not in a position to act like snobs when there is hardly any top American players in the sport. #

Sports Beat: The Buzz On The North Side.#

Labor Day Facts: Labor day became a federal holiday in 1894.#

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