Is the iPhone 6 Plus really going to steal business away from Android? Not from me. #

Construction to begin Sept. 25 on new Wings arena, entertainment district. Hey, hey, hockeytown! Moving uptown.#

Happy iPhone 6 day! If you are in line, I hope you are warm. If you are waiting at home, may Fed Ex come quickly to your door. #

I am curious to find out how iPhone 6 Plus sales end up compared to iPhone 6 sales. Personally, I would go for the 4.7 inch screen that I find good enough with my Moto X, but there definitely seems to be a "bigger is better" mentality involved in electronics purchases.#

The AT&T store down the street appeared to have six people standing in line outside at about 9 AM.#

Li Na: Chinese trailblazer retires at age of 32 -

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