Apple Pay: how it works FAQ for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. I would love it if Starbucks had NFC payments rather than the Starbucks card bar code scan they use today. If you think about it, why should there be a separate Starbucks card? #

Joe Moreno: Here's a key problem with the Apple Watch: it doesn't replace anything – rather, it adds. The same statement is true of the iPad, yet Apple has sold millions of them. I am not sure that this argument will hold here either. The Apple Watch doesn't replace a regular watch, people have long given up wearing watches, rather the Apple Watch is a smartphone accessory. Its success is based on whether it is good enough accessory.#

SmartWatches Integrate With Too Few Devices.#

Dave Winer Says Apple Pay Is The Big Deal. I agree. The sweet spot for all wallets is payments involving small denominations and coins. We ought to have vending machines that can accept mobile payments. The biggest benefit we all gain from Apple Pay is more use of mobile payments across all retail. #

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