This is the new Moto X for 2014: Hands-on - SlashGear. I am torn because I really like the smaller size of the original Moto X, but I appreciate the other aspects of the 2014 Moto X design. If Moto Voice is made available for the original Moto X I have less of a need to get the new device. #

Here’s Andy Ihnatko’s best guess about the iWatch. There is only one spec we need to be concerned about, and that is battery life. Beyond battery life, the device has to look good and have a compelling purpose. #

It’s Not The End Of An Era For Men’s Tennis. Note that there is no American in the discussion.#

Detroit Free Press: "If you think Monday's Tigers-Lions doubleheader is a big deal - and it certainly is - consider what such an unofficial civic holiday like this might be like in five years or less if Detroit's city fathers and city mothers get it right this time."#

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