I've decided to go ahead and upgrade my iPad. After freeing up space by deleting a bunch of apps, the upgrade is now downloading. If I buy another iOS device, it will have 32 GB of storage at a minimum, but boy, that $100 price increase for 32 GB is painful. It's getting obvious that 16 GB devices are too small#

Storage space is a problem with my 3rd gen iPad that has 16 GB and I only have 779 MB available. Despite what the articles say, I don't seem to have the same type of issue with Android. I wish Apple provided an easy way to uninstall a lot of apps on the device. It is not a good user experience. #

Identifying iPad models.#

iOS 8 upgrade: iCloud Drive is only compatible with OS X Yosemite. I think I have the third generation iPad, the first one to have a retina display, and I am wary of upgrading to iOS 8. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 7 my iPad has been sluggish and my fear is that iOS 8 will make it worse. Plus, I don't think there are any features in iOS 8 that I will use. #

Venture Beat on smartwatches: "They’re mostly squarish, clunky, bulky, flat things with a screen that go on your wrist. They mostly do things your phone does, and they mostly rely heavily on your phone for a good portion of their functionality. They’re fairly expensive, and it’s not really clear that they do anything amazing that your other tech doesn’t already handle." Venture Beat goes on to say this sounds pretty much like the Apple Watch. #

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