Roger Goodell's Tragic Sanctimony - The Atlantic.#

Jiggity's Essays: "The iPod launched with The One. The iPhone launched with The One. The Apple Watch launched with The Sixty."#

Apple Watch Is the Next BYOD Headache for Business.#

Reading my Twitter feed, it looks like a lot of people had fun trying to order their iPhones last night. #

We will see high sales numbers for the iPhone 6. I think they will sell more Pluses than regular iPhone 6s. What we won't see is how many existing iPhone owners bought the new model, but I suspect there is a lot more pent up demand from current iPhone users than there will be conversions from Android.#

iPhone 6 sales: AT&T says demand higher than iPhone 5s.#

I installed the Evernote Android app on my Chromebook last night. First I had to install an upgrade to my Chromebook. The app installed and downloaded headers, although I am seeing frequent restart/wait errors. It runs fast but seems unstable.#

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