I am uncomfortable with the idea that we are on the verge of going back to war on this anniversary of 9/11. In a speech today our President told us to "Never give in to fear" and yet, I can't help but feel that these acts of war on our part do exactly that, give in to fear. It is exactly what the military industrial complex desires. #

I believe the world has changed, but to what has yet to be decided.#

First Android apps available for Chromebook. I am looking forward to check this out.#

Ron Amadeo: "No one has really figured out what a smartwatch should look like yet, but one thing is for sure: Google and Apple have taken vastly different routes to getting a computer on your wrist."#

Here is what I think is the key point from Ron Amadeo's comparison for Ars Technica: "Apple is also taking a much more app-centric approach, putting apps on the main screen, just like on a smartphone. Google's watch OS is primarily notification driven, with the 'app drawer' buried several screens deep into the OS, or hidden behind a verbal 'start [app name].'"#

Apple comments on Watch battery life - SlashGear. It seems pretty logical to me that with that really high resolution display, battery life is going to be an issue with the Apple Watch. Now, truth is, I wouldn't wear it to bed, so being apple to easily put a watch on a charger is no big deal to me. However, if you travel, it does mean you will have to carry that charger with you or leave the watch at home. #

Remember, there is still one more smartwatch to be revealed. #

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