Dr. Dobbs: An Android's Life.#

Will we see a day when there are no smartphones with smaller than a five inch screen?#

iPhone 6 Event: Here are the most important things Apple announced.#

The main change with the iPhone 6 is the larger screen size. People who switch from an Android phone to the iPhone 6 are basically saying that the reason why they had been using Android is the larger screen. #

I think I may benefit the most from Apple Pay. The main reason why I haven't been using Google Wallet is that there aren't enough stores that have NFC terminals, or the stores that have them don't maintain them and I found many broke. #

The watch is an accessory to the iPhone, if you really want the watch you will need to get an iPhone. #

I don't get it. Perhaps they look better in person, but the Apple Watch does not look good to me. It looks like a thick nano with nicer bands. #

Apple is refusing to provide information about battery life, so the translation is that battery life is currently not very good. If they were getting great battery life they would have been praising it right now. What happens when we find out the Watch only gets ten hours of battery life.#

Question: Does the Apple Watch screen stay on all the time, or will it time out? Based on what I have been reading, I think the Moto 360's battery life is much better if you don't keep the screen on all the time. #

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