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Waiting for the event#

Here we go to the next announcement that will help me determine which smartphone I will by next. Waiting for the stream to commence.#

I am leaning towards the Nexus 5X, however I am discouraged by the latest news leaks regarding this announcement, particularly the small battery the possibility it won't support wireless charging. If these two items hold true, I may opt for the Moto X Pure. #

Event Intro by Sundar Pichai#

Pixel team = aspirational devices. Sounds like the rumors about a Pixel C (is it a tablet or notebook?) may be true too.#

Lots of stats#


Two new Nexus phones, 5X and 6P. #

Nexus 6P#

5.7" phone, but not as much bezel. #

Type C port; faster charger#

Nexus Imprint = finger print scanner, on the back of the device#

Smart burst, make animated GIFs. #

Starts at $499 (32 GB); $549 (64 GB); $649 (128 GB)#

Nexus 5X#

136 grams; 5.2" screen. #

Battery 2700 mAh (Boo!); Type C port#

Nexus Imprint#

White, black, and ice blue#

Starts $379 (16 GB); $429 (32 GB)#

Spent a lot of time talking about the cameras, more than I remember from prior Nexus events.#

Devices to be sold on the Google Store. #

Both phones available for pre-order right now.#

Assume won't be able to purchase anywhere else.#

90 day free subscription to Play Music#

Nexus pre-orders in U.S. include $50 Play credit#

Nexus Protect provides 2 years coverage for mechanical breakdown and accidental damage. Costs $69 for 5X; $89 for 6P. #

Both phones support Project Fi. #

Android 6 (Marshmallow)#

Another overview of the changes coming with this new release of Android, including Now On Tap. #

Voice Interactions for app developers so they can add voice support to their apps. #

Doze mode is supposed to help with battery life by paying to attention to the phone's physical movement. Hope this really helps the 2700 mAh battery.#

Marshmallow is rolling out next week to Nexus devices.#


Adding more parental controls to Google Play.#

Family plan, $14.99/mo. for up to 6 family members#


Album sharing. People with whom you share the album with can add photos to the album. Sends notifications when a photo is added to a shared album. #

Cast photos to a device to which a Chromecast is connected. #


Showtime adding support for Chromecast, as well as Sling TV. #

Support for 5GHz. Adaptive antenna, improvements for WiFi performance.#

Chromecast Audio: plugs in to existing speakers, stream audio via WiFi. #

Improvement to app to show content on apps installed on phone or tablet. #

Available today for $35#

Chromecast audio also costs $35#

Pixel C#

C stands for convertable; basically a 2-in-1.#

Keyboard looks very thin. Looks like a 2" wide magnet attaches the tablet to the keyboard. Connects via bluetooth.#

10.1" screen#

Induction charging between tablet and keyboard, so you don't have to charge the keyboard.#

Farfield mic input so you can talk to the tablet across a room#

Available at $499 for tablet; keyboard costs additional $149 for the holiday shopping season #

3 GB of memory#

Post event observations#

Neither phone has wireless charging! #

I was really leaning towards the Nexus 5X before the event rather than the Moto X Pure, but now I am sour on the 5X. Based on price and features, the Moto X Pure looks like a better deal than the 6P. A Moto X Pure, 32 GB with leather back costs $475 but includes a microSD slot where as the Nexus 6P 32 GB costs $499. Is having a Nexus device that gets updates direct from Google worth an extra $25 and no external storage card and no leather.#

Another consideration, the Nexus 6P has a slightly larger battery, 3450 mAh vs. 3000 mAh but has a Type C port that means it won't work with any of my existing micro USB cables.#

One more consideration. Nexus Connect adds $89 to the 6 P price. #

Is Type C charging as fast as the Qualcomm Fast Charging 2 that the Moto X Pure supports?#

Nexus 6P - Solid Metal Frame - Huawei - Nexus - Android Phones - Google Store.#

Nexus 5X - Fingerprint Scanner - LG - Nexus - Android Phones - Google Store.#

Chromecast - 1080P - Google - Chromecast - Google Store.#

Chromecast Audio - Streaming Music - Google - Chromecast - Google Store.#

Pixel C.#

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