Brandan Robertson: "Christians have never meant to be the ones in power. In fact, history shows us that anytime Christianity is given a position of power and influence, it quickly departs from the Gospel of Jesus — because a Christianity that is given worldly power is not Christianity at all."#

Joshua Luton: "But that’s not how God rolls. God (the creative voice of love) calls, and you (creature) are invited to respond. Repentance and forgiveness are practices you’ve been given to orient your life more fully to the end for which you were created: life with God."#

Last week when Motorola put the Moto X on sale for one day, I pulled the trigger and ordered one using Moto Maker. While I wish I had selected the darker green for the back, I've otherwise have been very happy with the Moto X. #

I know the reason why it was put on sale is that Motorola is preparing to announce new phones next week. The reason why I pulled the trigger is that I fear the Moto X+1 will replace the Moto X, and I am not sold on the rumored specs of the new phone, particularly the larger screen size.#

I hope the "sale" price ($300) will become the "new" price of the Moto X, but the worst case is that they stop selling the Moto X. While I understand the appeal of a larger screen (the 5 inch LG Optimus G Pro is perfect for my work phone), I personally like a smaller size phone for my daily driver. And it's not like the Moto X is tiny, it has a 4.7 inch screen! #

The Moto X's software features are fantastic! One of my fears is that the features were heavily influenced by Google and won't continue under Lenovo's ownership, which is another reason why I pulled the trigger last week. #

The features I like the most are the Active Display that shows the time and notifications nearly continually on the phone, and Trusted Devices that bypasses the screen lock while the phone is connected via Bluetooth to the devices I specify. With Trusted Devices I don't need to enter the unlock code on my phone when I am in my car, or while I am using my Bluetooth headset. #

I need to write more about the Moto X because features like Active Listening, provide for the type of personalization of computing that I have been blogging about. My hope is that Motorola continues to provide and improve these software features.#

Scripting News: "But the other day I got an email from Flickr saying their API would switch to requiring HTTPS." I think this is being caused by all the big web service providers having to put encryption everywhere because of the latest security and privacy issues on the Internet. The crowd is moving to HTTPS.#

Jack's Winning Words: “A mother is a person who, seeing that there are only 4 pieces of pie for 5 people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” (Tenneva Jordan)#

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