Lake Michigan Tour 2014 is under way, earlier than normal because this year I am making a quick trip to Menominee to visit my mom on Mother's Day. Another difference for this trip is that I drove all the way to Marinette rather than stop at Manistique.#

The trip went really well, the weather was very nice with sunshine and blue skies the entire way. It was pretty cold at the Mackinac Bridge with 49 degree temps and a brisk wind. Definitely not the weather to be wearing shorts as I was wearing.#

A note for those traveling north on I-75 from Detroit. Construction just south of the Zilwaukee bridge started last year continues, and you will be sent on a detour via I-675. A bigger construction issue looms near Pinconning, with barrels and signs set up for what looks like nearly 10 miles of construction to start soon. I have a feeling people traveling "up north" this summer are really going to dislike construction season this more vehemently than other years.#

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