LoopWallet Android App Now Available as First Universally Accepted Mobile Payment App - MarketWatch. The catch is that you need a hardware fob to actually make payments, and it would seem to me the fob is easier to lose than a physical wallet. It doesn't seem very convenient to me.#

Fleksy looks like an interesting keyboard for Android. I am going to try it out.#

Why Comcast data caps are bad: Cord cutters will get punished.#

Chrome Build 36 Has An Annoying Bug. The bug prevented me from succeeding at my test of using a Chromebook as my only keyboard-based computing device during a recent trip. The moral is to not rely on beta or developer software for a primary device. Duh! The good news is that resetting a Chromebook to "factory default" condition, which Google calls power washing, is a quick and painless procedure. The key enabler is storing all your data in the cloud. #

A new version of Fargo has been released that may fix the date rendering problem.#

Another test. I added siteTimeZone of "-4" to the linkblog outline. Left the computer on Central Daylight Time. Let's see what happens.#

Date is correct. Next step is to change computer back to Eastern Daylight Time.#

Ok, changed the computer to Eastern Daylight Time. What happened?#

The date title stays correct after adding siteTimeZone -4 to the outline. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?#

I am back home and the date title issue I have been dealing with has returned. The computer is switched to Eastern Daylight Time. I am now testing after a switch back to Central Daylight Time to see if that "fixes" the problem.#

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