on faith: "Critics who insist that Pope Francis should “stick to doctrine” and stop talking about inequality conveniently ignore that responding to the cries of the poor is a fundamental doctrine of the church." #

Feds fine GM $35 million maximum penalty over delayed ignition switch recall. Shouldn't the Feds be paying some of this fine since they owned GM while this issue was going on? I scheduled the recall appointment for our HHR today and was told by the dealer parts are taking four weeks to arrive.#

How The New York Times lost the internet I think The Times should hire Dave Winer. It appears he has invested more energy into fixing the Times than the people who work at the Times.#

Brewers at the Cubs this afternoon, the only afternoon game in MLB. With temperatures in the 40s, I would rather play an afternoon than a night game. Two good pitchers are going at it.#

The 26-15 Brewers and the 13-26 Cubs have almost the exactly inverted record. The difference is, while everyone is surprised by how good the Brewers are doing, nobody is surprised by the Cubs' record.#

Android Tips Tricks: Speed up Chrome for Android with this tweak.#

What if Jeff Samardzija became the first All-Star pitcher without a win? - Cubby-Blue.#

How to use Google's Chromecast in a hotel room I ran in to this issue using Chromcast on my last trip. My solution, just to test, was to use my smartphone as a wireless access point. For the price, it's worth picking up one of these little routers.#

Project for Public Spaces: "There is an important and significant correlation between how attached people feel to where they live and local GDP growth."#

The date title is correct. Yipee!#

It's mid May, so why is the furnace running?!#

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