California Chrome wins Preakness Stakes. Two down, one more to go for the Yooper's horse.#

California Chrome's road to Triple Crown goes through U.P.#

Happy bicentennial, Norway!#

Coming to a Microsoft Surface near you: Cross-platform inking. I am probably one of the few people who likes writing by hand on a tablet. #

Twitter / NHL: And then there were four teams. I think it will be Canadiens vs. Kings in the Stanley Cup final. Candiens win. Price gets the Conn Smythe. #

Teemu Selanne likely bids adieu. I am sad to see Selanne retire, he has been a great player for many years, and I think has been as important to the Ducks as Steve Yzerman had been for the Red Wings. Perhaps more so, given that the Ducks are a much newer team with no real history. Now Selanne is that history.#

Apple vs. Google patent suits are now over. Why? I am trying to figure out what's in it for Apple to stop what they have been doing. They have plenty of cash on had to pay the lawyers, and I don't feel their law suits have damaged their business. Perhaps some big shareholders have stated they are fed up. #

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