NHL.com - Canadiens' Price to miss rest of conference final Tonight will be telling. If the Canadiens don't win tonight, I don't think they'll win the series. Price has been the best goalie in the playoffs.#

Is This Office Touch for Windows? I like the examples of digital inking for annotation shown in the screen shots in this article. #

Can Microsoft Turn Digital Ink Into a Key Advantage for Windows and Surface?#

Marlins Release Carlos Marmol – MLB Trade Rumors. Is it the end of the Marmol? He cost the Cubs a lot of wins last year.#

Google patents smartphone/notebook computer duo - SlashGear. Patents don't always turn in to products.#

Computerworld: "Microsoft has lost more than $1.2 billion so far on its Surface tablet business, an expensive experiment that makes tomorrow's revelations of new hardware an important milestone for the "devices" side of its corporate-refashioning strategy."#

Kit Kat begins rolling out for the WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 I was beginning to wonder whether my Note 8 was ever going to get another update. #

Detroit Tigers run into plane troubles, don Zubaz I don't know what's worse, that they wore those outfits or that they were available to be worn.#

Real Personal Computing: Yahoo News Digest Is Nice.#

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