Google Updates Chrome Browser to Version 35. I got back some of the features I lost on my Chromebook when I had to power wash and revert to the stable channel. Happy to have app launcher folders and Ok Google hotword back.#

The Web App Is Here. I tend to go through To Do apps because I never seem to find one that I can get in to using. has hung around the longest, mainly because of the Moment that is scheduled to occur every work day morning and nags me to plan my day. I totally get the explanation for the web app in this blog post, I see a larger screen as a little easier for moving tasks around within the app.#

Fargo works great in a web browser on larger screen computing devices. The arrow pad helps make it easier to use on tablets and smartphones, but it is not ideal. What I wish I had was a native Android app that worked with the OPML files that Fargo stores on Dropbox, but the kick for me personally is that it would support files encrypted by Fargo. #

I would use the "Fargo" app on a smartphone and tablet to manage personal information, not for writing blog posts, which is why I want the encryption support. One of the basic problems with all of the To Do app services I've used like is that they don't encrypt data at rest, so any information in my To Do file is at risk of being compromised. If the data was encrypted on the device before sent to a storage service like Dropbox, then I would be more comfortable using it for work and personal information.#

The other feature I would like is the ability to send items to my linkblog (this site) like I do with the bookmarklet today. Sometimes I read information on my phone that I want to share here and the only way to do that is to save the tab, then open the tab on my desktop to push it over to this outline. #

My guess is that the only way to get my wish is if I wrote the app, but I am not a programmer. I doubt that there are any, or many, Android or iOS apps out there at read and write OPML files, but I really ought to start there.#

The new Surface Pro can’t be a laptop if it doesn’t come with a keyboard — GigaOm.#

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