Evernote: Add a "lined paper" background to the handwriting portion of the app to make it easier to write neatly in digital ink.#

Clearly: Create a Clearly "extension" for the Chrome for Android browser to make it easier to read web page content.#

Emoji cheat sheet for Campfire and GitHub. Fargo now supports Emoji. :smiley:#

ZDNet: Hands on with Apple's iOS 8 (pictures). I am not seeing anything in iOS 8 that makes me want to go buy an iPhone. Nice improvements for current users, but no "WOW!" #

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi Preview - CNET. It has a 12.5 inch screen, which has me wondering about why all the big screen tablets all of a sudden? So far none of the Surface Pro3 competitors have a digitizer.#

What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades. My recollection of being taught how to touch type was that it took the thought out of the process of writing. People who are fast typers don't really think about the letters being typed, the fingers just move, and that is the point, thinking slows the process down. #

The discussion about handwriting as it aids learning is one of the reasons why I promote the idea of writing on tablets, sometimes referred to as digital inking. If I am in a meeting or taking a class, I prefer writing rather than typing because it removes the temptation to simply capture what is being said and replaces it with writing down something after I have mentally processed what was said. What I write is a reminder for something already stored in my head, not the capture of information.#

Writing reminders does not mean I don't need a way to find what I wrote. Thinking back to all the handwritten notes I took in college (I went to college before laptops existed) one of the main problems was finding something I wrote.#

Search is the main benefit from writing in digital ink because apps like Evernote and Onenote have the ability to search for words one writes by hand. If I handwrite a note that has the word "eschatology" and store that note in Evernote, I can later type the word "eschatology" in Evernote's search box and the app will find all of my handwritten notes that contain that word.#

The above provides the context for why I was very much looking forward to the rumored Surface Mini, which some said would be optimized for taking handwritten notes in Onenote. I don't double that the handwriting features of the Surface Pro 3 were to also be included with the Surface Mini. #

Unfortunately, it appears that Microsoft's leadership did not deem the inking capabilities to be attractive enough for people to buy the Mini, and so they opted to not announce it. I hope that the Surface Mini has been delayed for improvements, but I fear that it may have been killed in its entirety. What I can say is that if Microsoft does release it, and it does have the inking and pen capabilities of the Surface Pro 3, I will buy one, unless it has a ridiculously high price. #

Do you recognize what is in the background image?#

iCloud vs Google Drive vs OneDrive vs Amazon vs Dropbox: price war. Cloud storage prices. #

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