dana boyd: "The tech industry has a sickening obsession with meritocracy."#

Up close and personal with Samsung's vibrant Galaxy Tab S. I am not thrilled by the landscape orientation of the 10.5 inch tablet. Still, a Note version for digital inking would be appealing to me.#

The Devil Tells the Truth.#

I am checking out Songza for the first time, and like what I see. I really like the idea of playlists created to align to what I am doing. Right now I am listening to jazz for reading. #

Detroit Free Press: "Held every two years, the eight-day gathering at Cobo Center of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S., Presbyterian Church USA, is expected to consider four resolutions that would divest its investments in Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard." I believe similar proposals have been presented in the past at ELCA church wide and synod assemblies.#

Kim Komando: Why you don't need a computer anymore. Apparently she hasn't read the tablet sales figures.#

I don't get why in 2014 we keep seeing the literal magazine edition of publications simply posted on the web. Good web content is layed out to be easily read in a web browser, bad content requires me to zoom in to read text and use a mouse to pan around a "printed page" to read content. It's useless. I am sure the thinking is, why not simply publish a digital replication of a magazine to the web for those who want it, but the negative message doing so sends makes this practice more harmful than good.#

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