Trying Out Todoist.#

Tony Campolo: "It seems strange to me that churches should show such favoritism to the youth and do little, if anything, for the elderly."#

Notes From The Cave: "The worst thing that TV can do is turn this war into something other than the horrible thing it is. War is not entertaining! War should not be the subject of the latest reality TV idea. War should be something we do as a very last resort and it should not be taken lightly."#

Notes From The Cave: "No lines means no restraint. It also means no values and no moral authority. The problem with no lines is that it is completely un-American. What is the United States Constitution if not a lot of big lines. You know, lines like freedom of speech, press, and religion, and the right against unreasonable search and seizures."#

BGR: Amazon Fire Smartphone Details: Everything to know about Amazon phone. Streaming of Prime content that does not count against a data cap may be an attraction for people who consume a lot of content. However, that means there needs to be enough Prime content that people want, and from what I am reading Prime Music does not have enough current or new music. #

Perhaps everyone is missing the big story about the anticipated Amazon phone. Will the Amazon phone be the first launch of AT&T's Sponsored Data?#

If BGR is right, and the Amazon phone is exclusive to AT&T and will come with unlimited streaming of Prime content, how does that jive with AT&T's claims about wireless capacity? Historically all the carriers have complained about data consumption by their customers and used that as justification for data caps and tiered data plans. If the monthly price for data on the Amazon phone is too high, that will also not bode well for the phone.#

Amazon's smartphone is an AT&T exclusive, says The Wall Street Journal. I imagine the primary sales channel for this phone will be, but I still think limiting the phone to one carrier does not bode well for sales.#

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