The Lord’s Prayer: a Social Justice Theology.#

Today is the first time that the circa app has been really useful for learning about breaking news. It seems they are finally getting the push notifications optimized.#

Today's background image, your's truly on a boat on the St. Mary river near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.#

An idea just occurred to me, and I wonder whether it would be possible in a script. I use background images in this blog, and during the day, as I add more links and comment on them, the text can end up covering up a big part of the background image. Would it be possible to have an option that when selected hid the text for maybe 20 seconds so that someone could see just the image? Just thinking that if someone was curious about the picture, this would be a useful "feature." #

re/code: "A decade after the idea was first sketched on the proverbial drawing broad, Starbucks is poised to finally let its customers order their coffees from their phones." I hope that this works for Starbucks locations that are not owned by Starbucks, like the one at the GM Renaissance Center.#

Evernote blog: "Once you’ve finished clipping, you will see a panel that allows you to set a reminder on the note you just created." Yes! This is a feature that I have been wanting, I rely heavily on Evernote clipper.#

It’s time to stop treating Android Wear like a phone. Up until now I haven't written anything about Android Wear for two reasons. First, shortly after the announcement I went on a vacation that had me offline, and second, I decided that it might be best to wait until I actually had a device. That being said, this article by Phandroid resonates with me because it aligns to my thoughts during the Android Wear announcement at Google I/O.#

I couldn't help but think during the demonstrations of Android Wear that there was too much complexity being shown. All the swipping around to navigate seemed to me to be too complicated. It felt as though Google was trying to show how smartwatches could replace smartphones. Except that Android Wear devices are really intended to be accessories to smartphones. #

I think that for devices to really succeed in the market, they should adhere to this maxim: the smaller the device, the more specific the function. For Android Wear to succeed, the devices need to look great and what they do needs to work really, really well. Oh, and the price is going to matter, because in the end, despite all the apps that you will find in the Play Store that exist simply because they can, smart watches are going to be useful for only a few things. #

Why are all the activity trackers so successful? Because they do one thing really well, track our activity, and they are reasonably priced.#

Notifications, in Google Now form, and voice interactions with your smartphone, which is really a part of Google Now, are the killer apps for Android Wear. Simple things like displaying the barcode for an airplane ticket is nice, but I don't think anyone is going to enjoy reading an email message on a smart watch. Nor should you.#

My fear is that the demonstrations at Google I/O are setting an expectation that is not realistic. You might be able to create all sorts of complicated apps for the smart watches, but are people going to really use them? And if all the apps make Android Wear watches look like a complicated mess, are people going to really spend $200 for what is basically an accessory for a smartphone? #

Dick Tracy's watch did only a few things, but many of us thought those few things were cool enough for us to wish such a watch was available for real. Just as smartphones can do almost everything that a notebook computer can do, smartwatches will likely be able to do almost everything a smartphone can do, but people don't really use nor think of smartphones as notebook computers. Smartphones are a different type of personal computer, in fact I think it's the first real personal computer. Smartwatches are another type of personal computer, and its path to success lies in staking claim to its unique role in personal computing.#

Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing In case you ever wondered how it all started. #

Michigan's Best List: A look at our Top 10s for tacos, pizza, burgers, ice cream, breweries and more.#

I have successfully moved my main weblog to my own domain. #

Three Types of Lists.#

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