The Self-Stirring Mug This is just wrong.#

Sodomites "Throughout the Bible, God’s number 1 concern is how a nation treats the widow, the orphan and the foreigner. God blesses nations that have compassion, and curses those that turn the weak and helpless away."#

Observer and Eccentric: "The expected $10 million windfall state officials expected with the sale of fireworks has really only worked out to about $3 million, Nebus said." One of the more stupid decisions the Michigan state legislature has made was making fireworks legal in Michigan. I expect eventually the legislature will allow cities to make them illegal within their borders, I doubt they will repeal their bad decision. #

Democracy != anarchy#

Google Maps v8.2 for Android update. Google has added voice commands to Maps, what I need to understand is how can you initiate the commands because touching the screen while driving is not convenient. What it really needs is Active Listening. #

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