Yooper Steez has launched a new t-shirt line, the Hewer Series recognizes the Upper Peninsula's mining heritage.#

How-To: Setting up a River of news.#

How to copy and paste to and from a PuTTY window.#

Kindle Unlimited, Uninterested. I've also not been interested, mostly because I like to annotate books as I read.#

This Kid Made an App That Exposes Sellout Politicians.#

The Millenial Pastor: “Are you ready to let the young people be in charge?”#

AutoVoice Tasker plug-in adds Google Now integration with Tasker, which means that you can create new Google Now commands for anything that Tasker can do on an Android phone.#

Earlier this summer Amazon launched their virtual desktop service, Amazon Workspaces. Unlike other AWS services, you are charged a flat monthly amount for Workspaces as opposed to the consumption billing for EC2 and S3. The cheapest tier costs $35 per month that gives you a Windows 7 desktop with some web browsers, but you can install software. I assume the flat per month billing is due to Windows licensing.#

Amazon does prorate the billing if you start later in the month. Therefore, the cheapest way to try out Workspaces is to wait until the last week of the month and then use it just for that week, you should be only charged the prorated amount for that week.#

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