A Personal History About Writing On The Internet.#

The first two paragraphs of this Amazon Fire Phone Review by BGR screams, "I have an axe to grind!" so I don't know why anyone would bother reading it. Most importantly, it's not even a review!#

Last night I was featherbowling at the Cadieux Cafe in Detroit.#

Microsoft still doesn't get why the iPhone succeeded. It is pretty simple, really. Microsoft is not a consumer company. Xbox may be the one exception and it only succeeded as a separate skunkworks. The irony is that I think Balmer recognized this deficiency and attempted to change Microsoft towards a consumer orientation, and got skewered because of it. Nadella is returning Microsoft to its knitting, and that will likely mean they will not be a consumer company. The problem is that the time for the enterprise only device has come and gone with Blackberry.#

Why Microsoft Has Failed With Smartphones.#

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