Back in November Google released what we called the Google Experience Launcher for the Nexus 5, and you had to follow a workaround to install it on other devices. The Google Now Launcher is now officially available from Google Play.#

They Call Us the "Nones," But We're So Much More. Can you follow someone even if the person doing the following doesn't know the person they are following? If we believe that God is "all in all" as Paul would say, then how is God not involved in this person's life, even if they don't now it or acknowledge it? #

Take a look at HP's luxury smartwatch.#

Wild deadline day sends shock waves throughout baseball.#

Detroit Tigers option reliever Ian Krol to Triple-A Toledo, bring back left-hander Patrick McCoy.#

Sports Beat: "Dombrowski has done all that he can to help the Tigers succeed in the playoffs, now it is on the players to perform."#

10 questions about the Detroit Tigers following their trade for David Price.#

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