Speak: On Stories and World-Changing – first day walking.#

Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads - The Atlantic. The school in my home town has gone all in on iPads. I think at the end of the day good teachers can make use of the tools they have access to, however, I do think keyboards are needed for productivity, and that along with their price is where Chromebooks excel. If I were in charge of technology at a school, I would much rather use Chromebooks than iPads from a support perspective.#

Joe Nathan is not the only closer to not do as well as expected this year. The A's signed Jim Johnson, who had been pretty successful for the Orioles, during the off season but ended up DFA'ing him. Now it appears the Tigers are going to sign Jim Johnson to a minor league contract. Wouldn't it be interesting if Johnson turned it around and ended up in the pen for a series against the A's?#

Nokia Lumia 635 Review. Who uses a media player these days?#

Easy to spot Cub Fans today. They're all smiling. I am starting to think Cub fans are setting Beaz up for failure. It is nearly impossible for him to live up to expectations.#

Google Chrome for Android is dropping LastPass auto-fill support Basically, Google is breaking Lastpass for Android.#

Mourning for a Judaism Being Murdered by Israel.#

The murky path forward for Chromebooks. James Kendrick wonders how Chromebook manufacturers will continue the momentum of increased sales, and says there needs to be a "killer app" for Chrome OS. For me the "killer app" is simplicity and low maintenance. Yes, you can buy a Windows 8 notebook at about the same price as a Chromebook, but do you want to continue to be tied to patch Tuesday? Another killer feature may be performance. My Acer 720C performs faster than any comparable Windows 8 device that I have tried.#


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