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Samsung Gear Solo announcement expected next month. Do you want to talk to a watch? Wearables need better and new use cases, not existing use cases that work well with other devices. #

Dave Winer is raising a question about Google putting higher weight in their search ranks for sites that use HTTPS over those that do not use it, as reported by the BBC (amongst other sites). #

Does the content that I write need to be encrypted between the server it resides on and a reader's browser? Perhaps not. However, what I do think may be valuable is a form of authentication that confirms that the content on that server is mine. SSL's purpose is to not only encrypt data as it is transmitted but to also confirm the authenticity of the web site that a browser is communicating with, and I see that authentication as valuable in a digital world where we get our information.#

For example, USA Today is a web site where many people get their news. How hard would it be for some entity to hijack USA Today's domain, provide an exact copy of the web site, and publish inaccurate information? If I go to a web site for news or information, I would like to be confident about what I am reading.#

The problem we have with SSL right now is that it relies on the idea of trusted third parties to provide and endorse certificates, and we have seen instances where the third parties are hacked and that puts the authentication process at risk. I don't know what it is, but I think we do need a better security and authentication model on the Internet that is controlled by users and not corporations or governments. #

P.S. As I think more about it, one person who I would watch for improvements to Internet security and is not tied to a large corporation or government is Steve Gibson. His work on SQRL is an example. #

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