Little Facebook Editor. I think the ability to cross post items from this blog to Facebook will be useful. #

Report: Detroit and Michigan among best for tech.#

Chris Sacca: "We elected President Obama because he was bold and willing to speak up. We knew we needed change. We rejected the status quo. So when we all stop our work midday to watch him take to the podium, we are hopeful. We want him to be genuine and unfiltered. We don’t want sanitized, approved, safe language."#

Joerg Rieger: "Has it ever occurred to you that many debates about the authority of the Bible might be barking up the wrong tree?" I am still looking for the quote in the Gospel where Jesus essentially says to his disciples, "take a memo." #

Don Pardo, SNL announcer for four decades, dies aged 96. Do we remember voices longer than faces? I couldn't pick out Don Pardo from a crowd of men, but I bet I would at least be able to pick out the voice of the Saturday Night Live intro guy, not to mention the Price Is Right guy. Good voices are probably not as appreciated as during the radio era, but I think they endure. #

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