Pushbullet Update Introduces Universal Copy and Paste Across Devices.#

The Cubs/Giants game was called in the bottom half of the fifth inning due to rain. It was a complete game, so could not be suspended. The Giants aren't happy because that's the rule and the Wrigley Field grounds crew's difficulty in getting the tarp on the field contributed to the problem.#

Cubby Blue: "One minute I'm enjoying a Cubs game and without warning they switched it to the Sox and Hawk Harrelson's excruciating voice and miserable point of view. If there's a rules change to be made, it should be that any time a Cub game is rained out, whatever station is playing the game should immediately put on a Steven Seagal movie."#

James Bond plays GoldenEye: Watch Pierce Brosnan play Goldeneye on N64.#

18 Free SQL Server 2014, Azure and BI virtual labs.#

3 Barriers Hijacking Church's Ability to Love Our "Enemies".#

Meet the Detroit activist who stars in Apple's new iPad ad.#

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