Royal Caribbean Announces 40K Windows Tablets If you are on a cruise, do you really want to be productive?#

Motorola reported to launch Skip 2.0, a Bluetooth key fob I got the Skip 1 with my Moto X but never use it because I just don't find it very convenient. The trusted devices feature, which apparently the new Skip uses, makes more sense.#

Sports Beat: "I wonder when, or if, Americans will begin to yearn for an American male to win the U.S. Open?"#

I am surprised that there is no obvious way to tell Google Now that I want to see U.S. Open Tennis scores.#

Microsoft cuts prices of Surface 2 in possible sign of new models this fall You can buy a 32 GB Surface 2 for $349. Keep in mind this device runs Windows 8.1 RT and therefore does not run "full" or "legacy" Windows apps. Computerworld speculates that the drop in price is to clear inventory for a new model to be announced later this month. The timing is right for holiday sales.#

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