In my opinion, the perfect scenario for publishing on the Internet is one writing tool like Fargo that enables me to designate where I want what I write published. For example, if I want a sentence sent to Twitter, I select it, click a button and that sentence is sent to Twitter. If I want paragraphs of text to go to Facebook, Google+, Wordpress, or anywhere else, select it, click buttons and they are sent to the designated destinations. By default, whatever I write is also published to my blog.#

A key to this switchboard like publishing tool is that once I specify where else I want my writing published, the software remembers to send it any edits automatically. The tool does need to provide an indication of where the writing is published. #

I think that because it is an outliner, Fargo is the best app for being the switchboard I envision because you can easily use it to associate multiple sentences or paragraphs. Of course, a key item for success is a standard, well defined read/write API that each of these content silos supported, another item that would help this along is a consistent (perhaps external) authentication API. #

We had a four hour power outage last night and I discovered that the backup sump pump in our house is not working. Fortunately, the power came on before the pit filled up. Now to find out why the backup pump failed.#

How Sump Pumps Work.#

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