What Happened to Motorola.#

Rosenthal's Latest: Ken says the Cubs could be attractive to Jon Lester, who knows Theo Epstein from their days at the Red Sox. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs don't go after a big name free agent during the off season. It will depend on whether Epstein thinks the young Cubs now have a shot at the playoffs. A more likely scenario is that they wait until the trade deadline next season and if the kids prove ready, they become buyers. #

A Cub Fan at Busch Stadium. (photos) - Cubby-Blue.#

I am having a lot of fun watching the Cubs right now. They've been winning pretty consistently since the All Star break, which is when they began calling up their young and talented prospects. It's smart to be getting them experience now while there is no real pressure to win games, it should pay dividends next season. The refrain, "wait until next year" means more now than ever before for Cub fans.#

I particularly like Len Kasper's commentary about the Cardinal fan's reaction to Soler's home runs. "Better get used to them." #


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